12 Hidden Gems in Europe to Visit Before Tourists Discover Them

12 hidden gems in Europe to visit before tourists discover them

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Europe is a continent that never fails to impress. There are certain cities and beaches that must be visited, areas that everyone has on their ‘Bucket List’. But you will never understand the true joy of travelling unless you find those little spots that speak to you; places that fewer people are aware of and that you can enjoy in their purity. Quick! Pack your bags and visit these hidden gems in Europe before the typical touristy crowd gets their first!

Discover 12 hidden gems in europe

The Lofoten Islands, Norway

These islands off the coast of Norway are home to the most incredible natural scenery. You can kayak between the mountainous islands, watch the Northern Lights or explore the quaint fishing villages built on sticks.

The Lofoten Islands is one of the hidden gems in Europe

The Lofoten Islands is one of the hidden gems in Europe

Lake Héviz, Hungary

This beautiful location is the world’s second biggest thermal lake, meaning that hot springs from 40 metres down create a suitable temperature to bathe in all year round. Many enjoy treatments in the spa built floating on the lake, and the lake itself is known to have curative properties.

Lake Héviz is one of the hidden gems in Europe

The Crooked Forest, West Pomerania, Poland

To this day, no one knows why this incredible collection of trees is shaped this way. The peculiar pine forest remains a beautiful mystery hidden in Poland.

The Crooked Forest - Poland

La Laguna de Torrevieja, Spain

Also known as the ‘Pink Lake’ (for obvious reasons), this Spanish salt lake is full of micro-algae that give it this ‘other-worldly’ colour: but you can still swim and float in this bizarre water!

La Laguna de Torrevieja Spain hidden gems in Europe


Christ of the Abyss, Portofino, Italy

If you like exploring the sea, take a dive off the coast of Italy to experience the surreal sight of a statue looking up at you from the deep.

Christ of the Abyss hidden gems in Europe


The Cappadocia Valley, Turkey

Though some may not count this as technically ‘European’, the combination of breathtaking landscapes and unparalleled architecture make Cappadocia a ‘must-have’ on your travel bucket list. Apart from the temples and houses built in the rock, there is even an entire underground city. If tunnelling doesn’t interest you, you can view the scene from above as air ballooning is very popular in the area.

The Cappadocia Valley Turkey hidden gems


Meteora, Greece

Usually we associate a trip to Greece with whitewashed houses and beaches, but this spectacular mountainous region shows that there is another side to the country. Is it considered a holy place, which is why the mountains are dotted with monasteries.

Meteora Greece hidden gems in Europe


Alberobello, Italy

If you enjoy quaint little villages with preserved traditions, visit this small Italian region where the cone-shaped houses (names ‘trulli’) have remained intact since the 19th century. Many still have symbols painted on the roofs as part of the tradition of the vineyard or farm labourers who lived there.

Alberobello hidden gems in Europe


Sweethaven Village, Mellieha, Malta

If you’re thinking that this looks like a scene from a storybook, you’re right! This village was built as a movie set for Popeye, and it is now open for visitors to come and enjoy the shacks and the beautiful bay.

Sweethaven Village Malta hidden gems in Europe


Salina Turda, Transylvania, Romania

This enormous 17th century salt mine was originally carved deep in the earth by hand and has been converted into a museum, complete with boats to navigate the tunnels. There are attractions and rides among the original machinery.

Salina Turda hidden gems in Europe


Blagaj Tekija, Bosnia & Herzegovina

The small town of Blagaj is situated at the mouth of a stream where an old Dervish monastery (Tekija) is one of the most beautiful hidden gems in europe. With Ottoman influences in its architecture, the town itself has an interesting history and is surrounded by natural beauty.

Blagaj Tekija Bosnia hidden gems in Europe


Lake Reschen, Tyrol, Italy

In the early 20th century, the village of Reschen was flooded, leaving all of the buildings underwater. Only the church spire is visible, and in winter the lake freezes over and it is possible to walk over to the tower and inspect it up close!

Lake Reschen - Italy hidden gems in Europe



Where is your favourite location ‘off the beaten track’? Have you visited any of these hidden gems in europe? Let us know in the comments!

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