14 Television Moments That Were Too Real for Language Nerds

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Life can be torture for us language nerds and polyglots; maybe because we’ve just studied language too damn hard.

But sometimes, just sometimes, television series and movies just seem to really get us.

  1. When Ross’s outburst satisfied your inner grammar-nazi

giphy.gif (400×225)

2. When 30 Rock said what we’ve all been thinking all along

30 rock

3. When Gloria expressed every polyglot’s struggle


4.  When Eddie’s sarcasm in Trading Places was just too real for language learners

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  1. When Don Draper experienced how little people care about grammar

giphy.gif (1112×624)

  1. When Web Therapy totally understood what it feels like to get angry in another language

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  1. When you shared the same fears as Sheldon

giphy.gif (500×281)

  1. When Orange is the New Black finally restored some logic to the world

giphy.gif (245×215)

  1. When Anna spoke for all multilinguals who understand movies on a different level (but then also frustrated them by saying ‘German’ instead of ‘Dutch’)

american pronunciation, coz vader is father is dutch, not german.

  1. When even the threat of war couldn’t stop Stannis from having impeccable grammar

giphy.gif (874×516)

  1. When you’ve been that third owl in Family Guy

giphy.gif (600×331)

  1. When Meryl in The Wide Window actually didn’t seem like such a crazy character to you

tumblr_m4uhfjBBGY1qlw2vqo1_500.gif (500×229)

  1. When How I Met Your Mother understood that some insults are bigger than others

giphy.gif (408×221)

  1. And finally, when L’Auberge Espagnole showed the panic of being confronted with another language, and how hilarious misunderstandings occur

I'm sorry, I don't understand French

I know. You feel so understood right now. Are there any other TV or movie moments that made you say ‘EXACTLY’?

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