21 things that only happen during an Erasmus exchange

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September’s here and that means that many students are heading to their Erasmus destination, here’s a list of things that will only happen once in your life; during your Erasmus exchange.

When you decide to go on an Erasmus

and tell your friends that you’ll be gone twelve months

When people tell you that you’ll be losing a whole year

When you FINALLY find an appartment

When you’re too lazy to go and buy groceries

When it’s your turn to wash the dishes

When you try to have a serious conversation with other Erasmus people

When you meet a Spaniard who speaks good English

When your parents ask what you’ve been doing with your free time

When asked what are the specialities in your new country

When somebody makes a bad joke about your home country

When you make an appointment with other Erasmus’

When pre-drinking gets a whole new meaning

and helps you become bi/trilingual

When you go to your first Erasmus party

and then get home like

The day you (finally) attend University

When Exam week arrives

When you remember your life before Erasmus

When you receive your financial Erasmus aid

When you have to say goodbye to your new friends family

Good luck to the new Erasmus students we wish you all an exchange full of unforgettable experiences 😀

Have you been on an Erasmus and think we forgot to add something? Let us know! 🙂