9 fictional movie locations that are actually in Europe

9 fictional movie locations that are actually in Europe

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Throughout movie history, thousands of fictional lands, planets, and towns have enthralled and impressed us.

But I bet you didn’t know that these 9 fictional  movie locations really do exist… and in Europe!

  • Interstellar

As Matthew Mcconaughey travels the icy wastelands of the fictional planet of ‘Mann’ in Interstellar, in reality he is enduring the cold weather of Iceland in the Svínafellsjökull Glacier.

Interstellar - Fictional movie locations

Svínafellsjökull Glacier - Fiction movie locations

  • Hunger Games: Mockingjay

Panem, an imaginary world which is split into 13 districts, is the fictional location of the Hunger Games franchise. Several of Panem’s ‘districts’ that appear in Mockingjay are actually existing sites in Europe:

Berlin, Germany:

In Mockingjay Part 1, District 13’s weapon training unit is in the depths of Das Kraftwerk power plant in Berlin.

Hunger Games in Berlin - Fictional movie locations

Rüdersdorf, Germany:

An abandoned chemical factory in the small town of Rüdersdorf near Berlin became the stark backdrop for district 8’s hospital which Katniss visits in Mockingjay part 1.

Hunger Games in Rüdersdorf - Fictional movie locations


district 8’s hospital of Hunger Games - Fictional movie locations

Paris, France:

Towards the end of Mockingjay Part 2, a suburb of Paris called Noisy-le-Grand became the ‘Capitol’ district for the franchise finale. This postmodern sea of concrete, and specifically the Espaces d’Abraxas, are surreal enough in real life that it is hard to believe that you can actually visit it in Paris.

Capitol of Hunger Games - Fictional movie locations

  • Star Wars


The Hardangerjøkulen Glacier in Norway, a few hours away from Oslo, is the real location of the frozen ‘Hoth’ planet which we see at the start of The Empire Strikes Back.


Star wars, The Empire Strikes Back - Fictional movie locations

Spain/ Italy:

The planet of ‘Naboo’ appears several times in the Star Wars series, but this imaginary land is actually a mix of shots of Sevilla, Spain and Lake Como in Italy.

planet of ‘Naboo’ in Seville - Fictional movie locations


The uninhabited island mountain of Skellig Michael in Ireland was used as a location in The Force Awakens. The mountain has an abandoned monastery where filming also took place – Deserved one of the most fictional movie locations.

Star wars, The Force Awakens - Fictional movie locations

  • The Grand Budapest Hotel

This Wes Anderson film takes place in the fictional European country, the Republic of Zubrowka. In reality, the iconic lobby of the hotel is the Görlitzer Warenhaus department store in Görlitz, Germany, while the exterior is actually made of adapted shots of the Bristol Palace Hotel.

Star wars in The Grand Budapest Hotel - Fictional movie locations

  • Harry Potter

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was filmed in various locations across the UK, especially in old schools and castles. A couple of the most recognisable locations are:

Harry Potter in the Christ Church College hall - Fictional movie locations
Christ Church College hall became the Hogwarts Great Hall…
hallways pop up of Harry Potter - Fictional movie locations
…and its hallways pop up in many shots as well!
Harry Potter in Alnwick Castle - Fictional movie locations
Alnwick Castle was used for many outdoor scenes

There are many more exciting movies and television series that are filmed in Europe, and it’s just up to you to go out there and find more of the most fictional movie locations!

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