Are you familiar with these 5 stages of rejection?

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We’ve all been rejected once or twice (or so many times we’d never care to admit) if you’re in the job search stage right now you will surely recognise these 5 stages of rejection.

So here’s the situation: you check your e-mail and find out that your dream company who you’ve been in contact with lately has sent you an e-mail. You open it and start breathing heavily, they’ve rejected you and… here we go (again):

First comes SHOCK

like total utter shock.

But then you think about it and you realise you’re not that shocked after all…

and that’s when DENIAL comes in and you’re like

Nope, this isn’t happening

Like no way

And that’s when ANGER knocks on the door down

and you’re like

let’s not get violent, but you can’t help replaying this scene in your head.

Until it’s time for DEPRESSION

and you sit around like

and just can’t stop

but finally you decide to dry your tears

and get on with ACCEPTANCE.

It might be hard at first

but once you really accept the sad news you’ll be able to move on,

regain your confidence

and attend your next interview like