The top 10 most annoying things while traveling

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The top 10 most annoying things whilst traveling

The top 10 most annoying things while traveling.

We all (well most of us) love traveling – choosing our ideal destination, buying flight tickets and reserving a hotel room. However, sometimes we come across annoying things that can easily destroy our perfect holiday mood. Here we have listed top ten most annoying things while traveling abroad.

  1. People who have never heard of personal space. There’s no need to come closer than 30 cm in the queue, it is not going to move faster.

  1. Loud passengers in the plane/train/bus. People are not interested in what you’re talking about, but there is no escape, so be aware and speak lower.

  1. Cat-calling in the streets. The headache of all girls, dear men, the louder you scream, the dumber you look.

  1. No wifi at the airport. Or the hotel. Or the whole city.

  1. People who take photos near attractions and don’t move on after the picture is done. There are others waiting for a photo! Don’t be that person – just move after you are done.

  1. Disrespectful attitude of the tourists. You are guests here, please behave!

  1. Forgetting tooth brush/eye drops/glasses/etc. Having to find an open supermarket in unknown area.

  1. Annoying taxi drivers. No, I do not want to say where I am from. Please, just bring me from point A to point B, here is your money, thank you.

  1. Paid toilets in tourist sites. I mean, seriously?

10. People speaking their native language to locals and expecting them to understand. No words.

And what is the most annoying for you while traveling?