Quiz: Facts About Europe – How many will you get right?

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Quiz: Facts about Europe

Quiz: Facts about Europe – how many will you get right?

Europe Language Café is back with another quiz! And this week we test you on facts about Europe!

Europe… Yes, we are talking about it again. What a surprise!

As we all know Europe is not the biggest continent on planet Earth, however it does have a long history and many different cultures which is the reason why in the end Europe is such a magical and a unique place to visit and live.


As it was mentioned before, in this weeks quiz we are going to be asking you random facts about Europe and only the smartest ones will get them all right!

Want to see your capabilities? Start the Quiz and do not forget to share the final result with Europe Language Café and your friends on other platforms!

Ready? Okay, here we go! There is only one direction to go in.



Okay never mind, start here!

How many of these facts about Europe do you actually know? Wait until the end to see the final result and what were the correct answers!Give it a try and share your results with Europe Language Cafe and your friends!