Quiz: Where should you go this summer?


Every summer, as the months of July and August get closer, it’s the same problem: where should you go this summer? And this question often results in long inspiration breakdowns, hesitating for hours between several destinations, asking you which one will fit your expectations best. That’s why we want to help you find inspiration! Discover our quiz and try to finally answer the question of the ideal place to spend your holidays!



Which destination is best for you? This time, we have chosen to help you find the ideal destination!

As you know, there are plenty of destinations to choose from! Our quiz will help you see more clearly, and offer you THE place that best suits your personality.


Simply answer the questions and we will match you with your dreamed destination.


It is time to get the answer: Where should you go this summer?


Where are you from?

What is the best climate for a summer holiday?

You are going on holiday to:

You like:

What kind of tourist are you?

What is your favourite type of food?

For you, the perfect party is:

Do you mind going to expensive places?

What do you always take with you on holidays?


So, are you ready to pack your bags? Have you found the place that best suits your needs? What profile do you have? Are you more of an explorer, an urbanite, a partygoer or a sunbathing enthusiast?
Tell us in the comments which destination is best suited to your personality!

If you have found other destinations that fit your profile, feel free to let us know in the comments section.


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