10 Perfect Office Secret Santa Gifts

 10 Perfect Office Secret Santa Gifts

Office secret santa is really difficult sometimes. When you pick the guy from accounting that you’ve never spoken to rather than your work BFF, you have no idea what to do. Luckily, there are some generic ideas that are likely to please anyone playing secret santa. If you know they like to travel, we have a different post for that!

1. 2020 diary 

A useful and colourful gift for everyone who loves to stay organized. 

2020 Diary – 6,39€ from Amazon 

2. A Cosy Blanket 

Good for all those chilly winter months – who doesn’t love a blanket?

Fleece Blanket – 15,79€ form Amazon 

3. Essential Oil Diffuser

All of your colleagues will be grateful – these incredible devices are great for a number of reasons. They can help improve sleep or function as a bug repellant.

Tenswall Aroma Diffuser – 25,99€ from Amazon 

4. Desk Sign

For the colleague with great sense of humor, who needs their personality explained by a simple sign.

Desk Sign – 15,85€ from Amazon 

5. Foot Massager 

Maybe it’s not an appropriate item for every office, but we can’t imagine whoever receives this gift will be disappointed.

Foot Masager – 11,76€ from Amazon 

6. Six Cacti 

Who doesn’t love cacti? Get these for your plant loving friend, or the colleague who needs to add a little more character to their desk.

Cacti Set – 18,99€ from Amazon 

7. A bull**** button 

Sometimes you just need one!

Button – 8,99€ from Amazon 

8. Pizza Socks 

For the foodie who loves comfort AND pizza.

Pizza Socks – 24,99€ form Amazon 

9. Reusable Straw 

This product is a life saver for the environmentally conscious who love to use straws. They even come with a cleaning tool!

Foldable Straw – 7,99€ from Amazon 

10. Lightsaber Umbrella 

Because someone needs to make rainy days a little more fun!

Lightsaber Umbrella – 29,03€ from Amazon 

If you have any more ideas about what to get a difficult secret santa, let us know in the comments below!


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