10 Summer Activities You Can Do At Home

 10 Summer Activities You Can Do At Home

As kids, we count down the seconds until the final day of school for the year is officially over. But as adults we arent chained to the academic schedule anymore, yet the anticipation of summer never really fades. These hot days, extra hours of sunlight means more time to do all the best summer activities. This summer were all experiencing is a bit different, but here is 15 summer activities you can do at home.


Go Camping In The Garden

Grab that old tent in your shed or buy a cheap one as well as a sleeping bag and set up your own camp set up in your garden. A little camping staycation is the perfect summer get away! Invite your friends or family


Wash Your Car At Home

Cool off outside whilst cleaning your car at the same time. All you need is soap, a bucket, water and a sponge! Youll be saving a lot money as well!


Movies in Your Own Garden 

Create a movie theme theatre in your garden with a portable projector. You should take advantage of these warm summer nights and screen all your favourite movies outside on the side of your house or a using a plain white bed sheet!


Wake Up to The Sunrise

Wake up early and sip on on your morning coffee/ tea while outside watching the sunrise. Its the best way to kickstart your day and make you feel light and positive. 


DIY Face Mask

This lovely weather means more exposure to the sun and even more reason to take care of your skin. Combine 2 tablespoons of honey and ¼ milk, and mix it in a bowl. Dip a cotton ball and coat your face with the mix. Allot it to sit on your face for 15 minutes. This will help to soothe and get rid of any new blackheads after a day in the sun.

Create A Cheeseboard

Who doesnt love cheese? This is the perfect time to learn how to make your own cheeseboard. Check out a guide to making the perfect cheeseboard here

Run 5k With Friends

The summer months typically bring an increase of cars on the street, but this summer looks very different. You and any of your friends can conduct a virtual or social distance 5K run by using the Nike Run Club App. This app allows you to run or compete with friends. All you have to do is pick a race day, bring some water and connect your favourite playlist to listen to! 

Show Your Hair Some Love

Exposure to the sun can cause damage to your hair. Take care of your luscious hair with a simple coconut oil mask or splurge on some leave in conditioner to treat yourself to a salon quality hair treatment. 

Indulge In Some S’mores

Dont have the accessories to make a campfire? No worries, you can make s’mores over the stove or with the help nof a s’more maker. You can either keep to the classic recipe or try adding strawberries or using white chocolate instead of milk chocolate! 

Make Lemonade

Nothing reminds you more than making pure lemonade. Even though you wont be able to sell it on your driveway, but it would be a great idea to buy a drink dispenser. Youll be able to make yourself some homemade lemonade on the daily. Yum!

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