11 Best TV Shows On Netflix To Watch While Stuck at Home

 11 Best TV Shows On Netflix To Watch While Stuck at Home

Due to the current coronavirus outbreak, many countries have entered ‘lockdown’ to enforce people to stay at home and to stop the virus from spreading. The question is: what can you do for so many hours at home? Well we can suggest 2 activities that we absolutely love to do; learn languages and watch TV shows. Now you can combine both – you can improve your English Language knowledge by watching different shows on Netflix. 

What’s more, now you can do both of these things, accompanied by your best friends or family members! During the coronavirus quarantine, Netflix has launched the Chrome extension “Netflix party” where you can discuss the best moments in a chat with your friends or family. 

Don’t know where to start? Here is a list of our Netflix TV show recommendations to improve your english. It is divided by genres so that it is easier for you to choose. Don’t worry, here you are safe from any spoilers… 


In the comedy genre we cannot forget Sex Education, one of Netflix’s hottest comedies that addresses the subject of sexuality from an intelligent and shameless point of view. It is a series for teenagers but it can reach the adult audience for its excellent plot, daring humor and its very good taste for eighties music. In addition, you can also practice your British accent to surprise everyone.


Not exactly a genre but we wanted to include it as one. It’s been a long time since we’ve enjoyed as much a series of superheroes other than Marvel’s. The umbrella Academy based on the self-titled comic created by Gerard Way, is one of the most insane and incredible tv shows that Netflix has given us. Each of its peculiar characters will make you immerse yourself in a world on the brink of apocalypse. Just the timing right?

If you put yourself to it you will arrive in time for the second season that not even the coronavirus can stop it, as executive producer Steve Blackman had said.


If you are a lover of true crime stories you cannot ignore this cult Netflix tv show. Set in the 1970s in the United States, Mindhunter tells us about the beginnings of forensic psychology. It tells the story of the first FBI department that coined the word “serial killer.” You’ll learn a ton of technical vocabulary as you slowly dig into the minds of the cruellest and most ruthless serial killers in history.


Do you like watching horror stories that almost stop you from getting any sleep? Turn off the lights if you dare and put on The Haunting of Hill House, a series applauded even by the very genius of terror Stephen King. The good thing is that if you put the subtitles in English you will have an excuse to look away from the screen in the most terrifying moments and learn those words that you have never known how to write well!


One of the most successful series on the platform is Stranger Things, created by the Duffer brothers. Everything about this series will turn your world upside down. It is a well executed tribute to the cinema of the eighties, a story full of mystery and characters that will hook you from minute one. Stranger Things is one of the Netflix productions that have been affected by the coronavirus outbreak. At the moment they have stopped the recordings and for this reason the fourth season may take a little longer to reach our small screens.


Well, taking advantage of the opportune moment of being locked up at home, we want to recommend to you this fantasy story that takes place almost entirely inside a house. Unleash your imagination by opening doors with magic keys and enjoy an intriguing and mysterious plot that will surprise you until the very end.


After so long locked up at home in quarantine, who doesn’t feel like going on an adventure? For this we recommend Vikings, a wild series that will surely conquer you. The plot tells the story of Ragnar Lothbrok, one of the legendary warriors of Norse mythology, considered one of the first kings of Scandinavia.


Who doesn’t get a heart cut with a good drama? We do. That’s why we recommend the new version of the acclaimed Canadian novel Anne of Green Gables. This story is full of the most exquisite romanticism. Prepare the tissue box because your heart will fall in love with each of its wonderful characters. But that’s not all, in the series they used the most sophisticated vocabulary and you will learn English words that will make your next essay a resounding success.


In this drama the scenery and the interpretation of the characters are exceptional.

It is one of Netflix’s most ambitious productions, introducing us to the history of the English monarchy at the hands of Queen Elizabeth II. With this series you will not only perfect your English but you will also learn the history of the UK, entering the world of the English aristocracy. 


This Netflix masterpiece is a serial skeleton documentary that will hook you from the first to the last minute. It combines the crazy world of the Internet with a story so ruthlessly crazy that it will make you think that it is not based on real facts. Don’t fuck with cats is a Netflix must that will not disappoint you.


If you are a fan of animation you cannot miss this wonderful and fantastic series. Although it is a cartoon, it balances innocence and seriousness with a touch of maturity. It tells the epic adventures of two brothers who get lost in a sinister forest inhabited by all kinds of creatures. Every chapter of this tv show lasts only 10 minutes so you can practice your English listening quickly..

Have you already decided? Don’t waste any more time and hit the play! 


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