12 Awkward moments that all language lovers will recognise

 12 Awkward moments that all language lovers will recognise
  1. When your friends don’t understand your love of languages

200.gif (355×200)

What do you mean you don’t care about the Oxford comma?

  1. When someone makes a grammatical mistake

giphy.gif (267×200)

  1. And you have to pretend you haven’t noticed 

1dookrL.gif (250×273)

*Suppress the geek*

  1. When someone asks you to translate something for them/ say something in another language

giphy.gif (500×255)

Come on people, I’m not a walking dictionary (*secretly loving it*)

  1. When someone tries to correct your grammar

giphy.gif (711×400)

Really? That’s cute.

  1. When you notice a mistake on a menu/ notice-board/ poster

giphy.gif (300×170)

  1. When you realise that not everyone finds your random ‘language trivia’ as interesting as you do

giphy.gif (500×281)

Isn’t it amazing that the word ‘guy’ originally referred to Guy Fawkes…? Right? Guys..?

  1. When someone tells you you’re speaking in another language and you hadn’t realised

giphy.gif (272×210)

  1. When you get unreasonably excited about puns

giphy.gif (480×270)

But jokes about German sausages are the wurst

  1. When you start itching to learn another language

giphy.gif (506×285)

Because I CAN’T STOP

  1. When you know you’re a grammar nazi but you’re not doing it on purpose

giphy.gif (874×516)

You’re killing the vibe Stannis.

  1. But in the end, you know that when it comes to languages, you’re the boss

giphy.gif (500×250)

Keep it up language-lovers, the world needs you.

Do you recognise these situations? Did we miss anything out? Let us know!


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