12 Feelings that anyone spending Christmas abroad will understand

 12 Feelings that anyone spending Christmas abroad will understand

It’s inevitable; if you’re a keen traveller, there will come a time when you will find yourself in foreign lands over the Christmas period. Put on some sad Christmas songs and bring on the feels.

  1. That feeling when you realise you’re missing out on celebrations back home

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However much you love the country you’re in, you still want to be a part of those annual celebrations back home.

2. When you come across traditions that are not celebrated in your country

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A goat delivers presents at Christmas? What happened to Santa, Sweden?

3. But then the locals talk about your country’s traditions as being weird

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Of course we decorate our homes with a ‘caganer’ at Christmas, why wouldn’t you want to display a small model of a man pooing? (looking at you, Catalans)

4. When someone offers you ‘Christmas food’ that in no way correlates with what you would call Christmas food.

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No. Nope. Sorry Italy, baked macaroni pie is just not Christmassy (Timballo Di Pasta Al Forno In Crosta is eaten in Sicily)

5. When you look into plane tickets to fly home for the festivities

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Oh. Ok. I guess I should’ve booked in advance…

6. When Christmas finally looks as you always dreamed

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Perhaps it doesn’t snow where you come from, which makes the white Christmas all the more special.

7. When there are too many Christmas markets to choose from

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Shall I visit this one..? Or that one..? So many European Christmas markets to see, so little time.

8. When you wonder why on earth (current country’s) tradition does not exist at home

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The Germans have got it right with their ‘Feuerzangenbowle’ (rum-soaked sugarloaf dripping into mulled wine)

9. When you try and figure out how to carry all your gifts home on the plane

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I guess the best gifts come in small packages..?

10. When everyone in the WORLD has decided to travel home at the same time as you

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Ryanair, you are my best friend and my biggest nemesis.

11. When your family and friends back home marvel at your new cultural knowledge/ novelty gifts

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Why yes, this present was indeed brought over from the Krampusnacht festival, celebrated in Austria at Christmas as a sort of anti-Santa. #fancy

12. And finally, that great feeling that you have experienced a new world of merrymaking , but that ultimately, this is the time of year for mum’s cooking

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You can’t beat it! Christmas is for family, food, and sharing. So enjoy it, wherever you are!

What feelings have you experienced while travelling over the Christmas period? Let us know!

And Merry Christmas to everyone, whether you’re travelling or not!


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