11 Useful Christmas Gifts for Travel Lovers

 11 Useful Christmas Gifts for Travel Lovers

1. Noise canceling headphones 

Maybe the most useful gift for ANYONE these days. 

Sony MDR-ZX310B – 16,99 € from Amazon 

2. Anti-theft body wallet

Maybe not the most chic accessory, but let’s face it, it can save you a trip to the local embassy.

Travel Body Wallet – 10,45€ from Amazon

3. Luggage tag

Who doesn’t love adding a personalized touch to a generic suitcase!

Luggage tag – 6.99€ from Amazon

4. Reusable plastic bag 

Something for those who are mindful of the environment AND want to save some money! So many countries are enforcing laws that mean you have to pay for plastic bags – and it adds up! 

Reusable Plastic bag – 5,79€ from Amazon 

5. Waterproof phone case 

You can also fit your passport in it whilst you are enjoying an Ibiza foam party.

Waterproof Phone & Money Case – 8.99€ from Amazon 

6. Multi-purpose plug adapter 

A must have for anyone traveling abroad – no need to buy different ones for every country!

Multi-purpose plug adapter – 13,99€ from Amazon

7. Phone Camera Lenses

These little gadgets are the perfect way to make travel photos even more awesome. 

Phone Camera Lens Set – 14,99€ from Amazon 

8. Mini camera tripod 

Everybody loves those vacation photos, and a tripod can make taking them even easier.

¨Hama¨ Ball Mini Tripod – 15,98€ from Amazon

9. Solar power bank 

Perfect for hiking or long days at the beach! 

Solar Bank – 44,50€ from lighthumanity.org

10. A scratch map

A great decoration piece for those who’ve been around the world.

Scratch map – 15,49€ from Amazon 

11. Amazing instasnt coffee 

Might not sound like a lot, but every coffee lover will tell you at least one story that included a horrible morning coffee experience. 

Ready Brew Coffee, Italian Roast – 4,16€ from Amazon 


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