20 Things You Can Do For Yourself Right Now

 20 Things You Can Do For Yourself Right Now

Who would have thought that our lives would change so differently, so sudden? You shouldn’t think that our lives have paused because restaurants and offices have closed or masks are required to be worn when going out. 

Here are 20 things you can do for yourself right now with a purpose to tune in to what you truly need and not what you want. Do you need a comforting meal? Do you need to rest and recover to feel better? 

Remember: your happiness should be no.1 priority, always.

Take a break and spend a few minutes to read these 20 things to do right now: 

  1. List 5 things you like about yourself and 2 things you wish to accomplish whilst in lockdown 
  2. Listen to a podcast that will motivate and inspire you 
  3. Organise or decorate an area of your home that you haven’t had the chance in the past 
  4. Go on a long walk ( don’t forget to keep your distance and wear a mask) 
  5. Make a donation to a charity 
  6. Plan a trip in 2021 that you’ve always wanted to go on. You deserve it! 
  7. Do some colouring for adults. ( we never grow up)
  8. Spend some more time in bed on the weekends 
  9. Watch a movie you loved as a child.
  10. Unfollow someone who doesn’t inspire you nor make you feel empowered 
  11. Learn how to make your favourite cocktail. Pornstar Martini, please!
  12. Diffuse essential oils around the house to release any bad energy 
  13. Do something creative like cooking or painting 
  14. Create you’re own ‘feel good’ playlist 
  15. Download a meditation app 
  16. Write down your career goals 
  17. Read a book you never got round to reading 
  18. Learn how to make a homemade facial mask and practice this every morning and night 
  19. Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while or someone who is far 
  20. Take a nap…noone is judging you 


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Mia Graham

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