4 Podcasts To Boost Your Productivity Whilst In Lockdown

 4 Podcasts To Boost Your Productivity Whilst In Lockdown

It’s important that you take the time to invest in yourself by educating yourself. However, in the fast-moving world, we live in, it sometimes can be hard to sit down to read a book. But this is why podcasts are available to listen everywhere you go, even in the bathroom. 

Podcasts are a great way to gather important information and get inspiration. This is a good source to make the most of your time, whether you’re on the train to work, in the car, at the gym or in bed relaxing. 

There are hundreds of podcasts on Apple Music or Spotify, with numerous topics from true crime to relationship advice to educational talks. Here are some of our favourite podcasts to boost your productivity: 

The School of Greatness 

The School of Greatness is one of the most ranked podcasts by Lewis Howes, the best selling author. His podcats are all about self-development and business. His podcasts talk about his success as an entrepreneur and how he built his career and how he is willing to inspire others. In every episode on his podcast, he interviews guests who have made a big impact in mindset, relationships and entrepreneurship. 

The Goal Digger Podcasts

Jenna Kutcher is a self-made millionaire who started her career as a wedding photographer. However, her career took a turn for the best and now she’s focusing on education and success.

Her aim is to help thousands who listen to her podcast to chase their dreams and to never give up on their success. Jenna has numerous guests from different backgrounds and industries and talks about what has made them successful and what success means to them in their business ventures. Whether you’re someone who is aspiring to be a working professional or an entrepreneur, ‘the goal digger’ will offer you tips to boost your productivity, motivation and creativity. 

Stuff You Should Know 

Look no further and join Chuck and Josh on ‘stuff you should know’ as they answer the oddest questions like if zombies exist. You will be confronted by the highest knowledge that they are saying, you will end up taking their advice seriously. Our favourite episode is ‘ Student Loans: UGH!’, this episode talks about how complicated student loans can be for parents and students and how to tackle financial difficulties in the future after leaving education. Interesting! 

The Almost 30 Podcasts

This is one of Europe Language Jobs favourite of all time. It’s raw, it’s real and it’s unfiltered. Does this sound interesting to you? Give it a go and listen!

These amazing ladies, Lindsey and Krista, behind this amazing podcast will guarantee to make you laugh at least 10 times throughout also they will make you feel inspired and come away feeling extremely positive. This podcast is for women in their early 20’s and older who come together to share what they’ve learnt, experiences and encourage each other. 

All their podcasts are inspirational, setting successful but realistic goals and the struggles all races, sizes of women face on their journey to success. Topics include self-development, business, money, health and wellness, politics, culture and many more. 

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