4 Step Guide to your First Day at Work

 4 Step Guide to your First Day at Work

Your first day at a new office can be scary. But being prepared can make it a much easier transition. Follow our 4 step guide to your first day at work.

Step 1: A few days before

  • Ask your contact in the company all the essential details:
    • Starting time
    • Dress code
    • Location
  • Research the working environment. You can do this through social media or on websites such as Glassdoor.

get ready for your first day

Step 2: The night before

  • Double check you’ve set an alarm.
  • Ideally you want to be 10 mins early, no more. 
  • Make sure you check the route the night before so you know how you’ll get there. Check the weather as well so you can adjust your travel plans accordingly. If it’s raining take precautions for more traffic and busier public transport.
  • Pack your lunch the night before, you don’t want to be rushing around (bonus tip: make sure it’s not smelly food like fish or eggs!)
  • Plan your outfit, make sure everything is clean and according to the dress code the company has outlined to you. Adjust according to the weather.
  • Wash your hair – you want to look fresh and put together

be prepared

Step 3: The morning of

  • Check the weather outside again to make sure all is according to plan.
  • Have a healthy and filling breakfast so you’re in your best mood to meet new people.
  • Take a deep breath! You’re first day can be overwhelming, but you’re planned and prepared; you’ve got this! 

feel fresh the morning

Step 4: At work

  • Be smiley and introduce yourself to everyone. It’s way better to be overly enthusiastic than seem rude or dismissive. First impressions count!
  • Follow your coworkers lead. Unless they’re important questions, you don’t need to go to your supervisor for absolutely everything. Asking your coworkers and following their lead will show great initiative.
  • Stay proactive throughout the day – if everyone seems to be busy except you, ask what you can do!

That’s the best ste

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  • maybe the first day on the job is just as stressful as the interview day😊

    • HAHAHHAHHA, yes, you bet!

  • Good to remember!…

  • Per mi non vedo nessuno problemi Perche mi piasce tanto lavoro stare in contato con gente diversa

  • Io Sto Felice per fare contato con tutti grazie

  • espetto mio lavoro

  • buenos consejos para una entrevista!

  • Really entusiastic tips!!! Good mood and smiling is extremelly important, especially at your 1st working day))

  • Thank you for really entusiastic tips!! Good mood and smiling is count for everyday, but especially at your 1st working day))

  • The first day at work is a new start! You need to show what you can do and if there’s something new you’ve never done before don’t be afraid to ask and show you’re eager to learn and do your best!

  • Be positive and believe in youeself!
    I am ready for my next job!
    Thank you for all the tips! 🙏🙏🙏

  • All I need now is to implement the advices and tips you have show to us,and be polite and respectful, positive

  • Just Implement all you learn from ELJ.
    All you need is knowledge they gave us.

  • Be positive, interact, asl questions, smile. These are the key elements to make a first good impression

  • It’s important improving hard and soft skills

  • I was and I am motivated by delivery happiness at work, not because everything is good, but because I can see the good in everything.

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