4 Ways To Better Your CV In Quarantine

 4 Ways To Better Your CV In Quarantine

4 Ways To Better Your CV In Quarantine

Due to the current situation, we have been all advised to adopt a new routine. The advantage of this time is that isolation has given us back the time we could have otherwise spent socialising with friends and work colleagues, where was now we can focus on ourselves and our goals. Some of you reading this may have lost your jobs and are looking for something new and that’s fine, you can use this time to boost your CV whilst in isolation!

Getting ready to take on the new world when the pandemic decides to end will help you to achieve your professional goals. In this blog, there are a number of materials that will help widen your skills and look great on your new CV. 

Your new manager would love to hire someone who took the time to do some professional development whilst in isolation, this is extremely attractive to employers and shows your drive and determination. 

Google is your best friend 

If you’re looking to make the most out of your CV, you need to understand the technology. If you haven’t noticed already whilst in isolation, it’s that everyone in this world can function digitally in everything they do. You should check out Google Skillshop because this will be your best friend. They have hundreds of courses that include a certificate and some without. These courses range from social marketing, career development, email and all things to do with SEO. Fun, right? This is a great opportunity to increase your knowledge with any of these courses and when you’re back at work, go ahead, this is the time to show off your new skills.

Learn branding and design 

If you want to learn something new like basic design applications, you should check out Canva. Canva is a simple design tool that allows you to create graphics, or search for templates. This tool is completely free with the option to upgrade to a premium subscription. Canva allows opportunities to be able to brand yourself in all different types of job roles.

Adobe and LinkedIn Learning 

Learning about Adobe is a game-changer whatever job role you decide to take next. If you’re looking to work in social media or even marketing Adobe Creative Cloud will come in handy. You’ll be able to experience photoshop to illustrator. Understanding this tool will help get yourself hired yet also gives you the tools to open your own business. 

As well as LinkedIn Learning is offering hundreds of amazing courses on all of the systems of the Adobe Creative Cloud as well as their own like “ How To Be An Effective Team Member” or “Social Media Marketing Foundations’ ‘. Remember, this is down to you and how deep you want to go with your independent, creative learning. 

Sell yourself

You’ve probably finished with learning new skills and now you’re bored. Well, if you are wondering what to do next it’s to learn to sell yourself. If you’re reading this knowing you’d like to go down the freelance road or want to side hustle, using WordPress is a fantastic tool to showcase your work e.g. blogs. Creating a personal portfolio offers potential employers to view your talents whether it’s professional or personal. 

*HubSpot offers numerous WordPress courses to help build a professional online portfolio. 

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