5 Inexpensive Ways To Feel ‘Normal’ Again

 5 Inexpensive Ways To Feel ‘Normal’ Again

Europe Language Jobs quickly jumped from our regular blogs talking about the best locations to go on holiday in Europe and facts about each country to cover topics what to wear whilst working at home, what activities to do whilst in lockdown and how to cope with the pandemic. 

Its always been important to create amazing content that helps people. Even though its been a slower and sad start to the summer were all experiencing, we are here for every step of this uncertain journey. 

So, whats next? We’ve talked the pros and cons where you work from home, fun facts about countries, everything you need know about social distancing and more. You could all agree that ‘normal’ isnt particularly a great word to use right now, but we should all feel ready to at least feel as norma as possible right now. 

Here are a few ways to make it happen:

Wear Normal Clothes 

As much as were all loving how comfortable we feel everyday in our favourite tracksuit or pyjamas, some of us may be missing dressing up in a suit or a cute top for work. But, we probably dont miss wearing those high heals or heeled boots, right? Even though we love to stay in our comfys all day, we already know how much better we feel getting out of them in the morning. Choose your favourite work wear but something both comfortable and stylish. This will feel like youre getting ready for a normal day without wanting to get out of them.

Do What You Miss The Most 

Do you miss going to the hairdressers, going for dinner or getting your nails done? Well…noone is stopping you doing these activities at home! Just like youre moving your worklife and social life as virtual as possible, you can do the same wih all the stuff you loved to do with your friends and family, inside your own home. Host games night, a dinner party or a happy hour with your friends or family over Zoom or Skype.

Make Tasty Coffee

Although some of us are blessed with Starbucks drive thru, many of us are still left to rely on making our own coffees. Instead, try some of these products to make your coffee tasty just like Starbucks: milk frother, flavoured syrup, coffee machine and crystal coffee mugs

Planner It Up 

Youre probably thinking, whats there to plan? Hmm, lets see: walk the dog around the block at 7am, watch tv for 4 hours, play video games from 10pm to 3am, start dinner at 8pm. Using a planner every day may seem time consuming but writing down tasks for the day is a good way to schedule and separate your day rather than everything blending together like a BIG mess! 

You could also use your planner to plan for the future. Obviously, youre not going to make big plans for vacations right now, but you should definitely plan your future goals or plans with your friends etc.

Sleep Is Important 

Being able to have a good sleep is hard especially when youre spending most of your days in your bed. Some of us are getting that well deserved sleep, others are watching just one more episode on Netflix or one more chapter of their new book, putting sleep on the backburner. Getting a good sleep, is one of the most important mental wellness you cant forgo. Without essential sleep, you just won feel as good as you should!

Lockdown can become boring, so how about you check out our blog of the top 20 things to do. Click here! 

Mia Graham

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