We’re near to the end of the year, and you might be worrying about whether you’ll actually achieve your year resolutions for your life and career. Even though, being prepared on all your goals, you should start small and focus on your soft skills. 

A lot of us put pressure on ourselves and focus on building specific professional skills but we don’t realise that soft skills are just as important to our careers. And the best part? All you need to do is build on the skills you already have. 

Here are 6 soft skills you can add to your list to keep you ahead:


Do you like to change? Not a lot of people like switching things up, which is okay! However, in your career, you will encounter new experiences, changes and challenges along the way. The job market is constantly evolving. Therefore, you will need to be able to react to situations accordingly. A way you can improve in this soft skill is to have a more open-minded attitude, instead of being resistant or afraid of new changes. Push. Embrace!!


Think outside the box. This will allow you to become a better person overall. This soft skill will help solve problems and gain confidence. A creative employee will provide solutions to improve projects within the workplace. Start off by exploring fresh ideas. Switching up your workspace or your home can get your creative ideas flowing.

Time management 

Employers love nothing more than to work with staff who get their work done on time. Time management is a wonderful skill to focus on. If you’re finding yourself staring at the wall, having an unorganised calendar or struggling to meet work/ university deadlines, this skill is for you. You should reconstruct your workflow and utilise the to-do list and delegate tasks. This will help you get back on track.


The ability to have your own initiative is a trait a lot of companies love to see and it’s something plenty of us need to learn. Having good leadership combines with teamwork and critical thinking. 

An individual with a clear and enthusiastic vision is the one chosen for promotions time and time again. Managers look for employees that can stop into their roles down the line and take the lead. Start by mentoring or sit in an internship program and learn to manage. 

You could also develop your leadership skills outside of work. Why not teach at your local yoga class, or start a volunteer group?


Having effective verbal and nonverbal communication skills is a great skill to have and super important in the workplace. Employers want you to be able to interact with other employees effectively and perform well. The lack of clear communication skills can lead to delayed productivity. 

Learn to listen to others and ask questions.


This soft skill is a must-have and coincides with communication. A lot of us work in collaborative surroundings, so we must know and understand to get along with our team. If you build a positive relationship at the workplace, you’ll be a lot more confident, positive minded and motivated. Establish team goals, recognise diversity and encourage new ideas. These actions can help you become a good team player and gain this skill.

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Mia Graham

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