6 Things to Keep The Season Bright at Work

 6 Things to Keep The Season Bright at Work

The days are getting shorter, office staff is thinning out as people start taking holidays, and either work is slowing down a lot, or for those in the retail sector, it’s getting out of control. It’s easy to get your Christmas spirit dampened a little by long work days, but it doesn’t have to be this way! If you looking to spice up the Christmas party this year, we’ve already got you covered. But if you’re looking to extend the festivities through advent, why not try these thoughtful gestures to stave off the winter blues and lift everyone’s spirits in the workplace?

1. Make a playlist

If your office allows music, or you have a shared Spotify playlist, get everyone feeling festive with a few holiday favourites. You’ll soon have everyone humming along as they work. We’ve already made a playlist if you don’t want to make your own! Seasonal songs will make Christmas at work that bit better.

Make a playlist

2. Stock up

Christmas treats are sold but once a year (even if they do start selling them in October). This means you have to take full advantage of them whilst you can! It won’t cost much to leave a few in your office kitchen area along with a note saying ‘Help yourself!’. Everyone feels better after free food, and they will be more likely to return the favour! As a little treat for yourself, bring an advent calendar to work so you can have a chocolate with your morning coffee. Mondays will be a little better when you’ve got two extra chocolates to enjoy!

Stock up

3. Sticky notes

Speaking of leaving notes, if there’s one sure way to put a smile on someone’s face, it’s to leave a sticky note on their desk sending them best wishes for the holiday season. This type of kindness will have a domino affect, and you might find more and more people picking up their festive spirit and carrying out these types of kind gestures. Since companies usually have sticky notes a-plenty, this shouldn’t cost a thing. Small gestures like this go a long way in making someone’s day. After all, the true meaning of Christmas (even at work) is spreading cheer and thinking of others.

sticky notes

4. Dress like it’s Christmas

You have to look the part to feel the part. Wearing the same old grey suit is unlikely to help you feel the festive spirit. Find a way to make your office-wear more Christmassy. This could be as simple as some Christmas earrings, Christmas nail polish or you could find a cheesy singing tie or even an ugly Christmas sweater! We’re not suggesting you break any office rules – you simply need to adapt them to the festive season!

christmas at work

5. Be a friend

There is always someone who cannot afford the time or the money to get back home for the holidays. It’s all part of the spirit to share, so if there is enough people in the office, try pooling together a bit of extra cash to make the journey possible. If not, you could always invite him/her for the festivities yourself! You won’t know how far a small gesture such as a box of cookies or a chocolate/candy santa sleigh will go in making someone feel a little better about not being able to spend the day with their family.

Be a friend

6. Decorate!

This time of year is about letting go of the stresses of the year, and looking forward to the next one. So don’t be so serious! On a cold day, wear a Santa hat; if you have spare decorations, bring baubles to hang on your desk, use some spare tinsel to brighten up your desk. Even something as simple as using a festive mug will brighten up your Christmas at work.

christmas at work

Are you working at Christmas? Then you’ll know that these small gestures are enough to make December/January the best season at work!

Let us know what things you do to keep things festive!


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  • Amazing, but if somebody at work hates Christmas, life of the person will be even more miserable. Not sure about Christmas playlist either.

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