Most Well-Known Irish Stereotypes: Can You Relate? Sure Look It

 Most Well-Known Irish Stereotypes: Can You Relate? Sure Look It

Top o the mornin’ to ya and welcome to the 7 most well-known Irish stereotypes! That is to say… Hello dear Irish friends! I am sure that after reading the title you must have immediately thought: “Here we go again with these silly stereotypes”.

Well, we all have our misconceptions about countries and its respective cultures, so you must have certainly heard one of these Irish stereotypes at least once in your life, but the real question is…can you relate to any of it?

Irish stereotypes

(Are you ready? Take a deep breath and continue scrolling)

 1. It rains 24/7 in Ireland!

Irish stereotypes, rain

Ya, it always rains… really… always. It’s fierce weather. However, the magic of it all seems to be that it is possible to experience all four seasons in only one day. How impressive can that be?

2. Irish people are drunks!

Irish stereotypes, drinks

“Give me two pints of Gat and a bottle of Bulmers.” Most Irish are known for being big drinkers, they are also known for having many pubs. However, can there ever be too many? Have you ever heard this Irish stereotype before, but most importantly…can you relate to it? “Sláinte!” (Irish for “Cheers”)

3. The Irish are violent!

Irish stereotypes, fight

I mean… just like every other country, Ireland has its crimes and robberies. Most of it seems to come from rebel teenagers, but it could also be connected to other factors. Have you ever heard about this specific Irish stereotype?

4. What do Irish people eat? Potatoes, potatoes, and… potatoes?

Irish stereotypes, potatoes Irish stereotypes, potatoes Irish stereotypes, potatoes

Although potatoes play an important role in Ireland’s culture, there are many other traditional dishes. Yes, other than corned beef and cabbage as well.  The top 10 must try Irland dishes are the following: soda bread, Irish stew, colcannon, crubeens, boxty, smoked salmon, black and white pudding, coddle, reuben casserole, and barmbrack.

5. They all have red hair!

Irish stereotypes, read hair, ginger

This one is a very peculiar stereotype. It seems extreme that an entire country could ONLY  have people with red hair, isn’t it? In reality, only 2% of the world population has red hair; 13% can be found in Scotland while 10% in Ireland. 

6. The Irish are luckier than other cultures!

Irish stereotypes, lucky, luck

Due to leprechaun pot-of-gold and lucky charms, there seems to be a belief that the Irish are luckier in comparison to other populations. Many don’t know that the true meaning of “The luck of the Irish” refers to fortunate Irish miners, with the intention of mocking their achievements as pure luck.

7. Dublin is the only place in Ireland.

Irish stereotypes, dublin, ireland

Only those, who haven’t been to this incredible and unique country would say such a thing. Dublin is Ireland’s capital, but it is only one of its many cities. Actually, many Irish people decide to live and work in different cities due to Dublin’s cost of living. 

Well, well….

Dear Irish friends, I am sure there are many other stereotypes you’ve heard that are not listed in here. Feel free to share your thoughts and help the world understand how such a small country can contain such a big heart and strong roots & traditions.


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