7 Must-Visit Destinations for Athletes in Europe

 7 Must-Visit Destinations for Athletes in Europe


To be an athlete is to be mentally and physically strong, it is to be competitive in a healthy way, persistent, and passionate. Therefore, this article is dedicated to all sport players out there, who happen to be life & world lovers as well. Here are 7 must-visit destinations only for you, athletes, in Europe

To be an athlete is to push yourself to your own limits and then push it a bit more to achieve your goals and dreams. It is to feel the adrenaline rushing off your veins and butterflies in your stomach before every performance. It is to be selfless at times, and sacrifice yourself for a teammate, or to trust your own body and intuition to make the right move.  How do I know all that? Because I am also one of them. Yes, I am an athlete. Once an athlete, always an athlete. 


Whether you are a sport team player or if you battle by yourself, you should definitely consider this list of 7 destinations for athletes in Europe:


1. Spain – Soccer

2. Switzerland – BASE Jumping

3. Italy – Calcio Fiorentino

4. Russia – Bandy 

5. Portugal – Marathons 

6. England – Cricket 

7. Monaco – Automobile Racing 


1. Spain

If you’re crazy about soccer, you must visit Barcelona and Madrid. Their rivalry has been known for ages and the battlefield is often left behind with very emotional fans. Barcelona vs. Madrid – El Clásico: known for attracting and bringing together citizens from all over the world to watch their game. 

In other words, if you enjoy soccer, you cannot cease life without allowing yourself to experience one of these games. Be ready to feel chills and adrenaline all at once! 

7 Must-Visit Destinations for Athletes in Europe

If you decide to visit Spain and you’re also a beach volleyball fan, you will find many opportunities throughout the year, especially in Barcelona. During the summer, the entire coast is full of volleyball nets, where people come together to play while tanning and hanging out with friends. 


Can you see how this is one of the 7 must-visit destinations for athletes in Europe? If you’ve already seen one of El Clásico’s games and/or have played beach volleyball in the amazing and lively Barcelona, let us know in the comments below.



2. Switzerland 

7 Must-Visit Destinations for Athletes in Europe

This one goes to extreme sports lovers! Hear me out, visit Switzerland and expose yourself to Interlaken’s exorbitant activities, which includes rafting, bungee jumping, paragliding, and canyoning. Has your heart accelerated yet? How about BASE jumping then? That’s right!

Switzerland is home to the craziest BASE jumping spots, where you can enjoy falling on a stunning landscape view. Therefore, it obviously deserves to be on the list for the top 7 must-visit places for athletes in Europe. 



3. Italy 

Are you an open minded athlete, ready to take on any physical activity your body can get? How about trying a different type of soccer? If you’re up for it, meet me in Florence, Italy around June for Calcio Fiorentino!

7 Must-Visit Destinations for Athletes in Europe

(Photo credit: nationalgeographic.com)

This sport is called Calcio Fiorentino or Calcio Storico, a traditional sport in which origin goes back to many decades ago. When first created, it was so violent that people would even die, but it has been adapted to today’s rules where injuries are still a part of the sport’s nature. Calcio storico usually takes place around June every year in Piazza Santa Croce and it definitely deserves to be on the list for our 7 must-visit destinations for athletes in Europe due to its uniqueness. 



4. Russia 

If you don’t mind the cold and have very strong teeth, you must visit Russia for their bandy games! Do you know what bandy is? It is a mixture of ice hockey and field hockey.

7 Must-Visit Destinations for Athletes in Europe

(Photo credit: worldbandy.com

Fans from all over Europe travel to Russia to watch these games, if they are able to purchase the tickets on time. That’s right, the tickets are sold out pretty quickly as the stadiums can only take a certain amount of supporters. Hurry to get yours before visiting this beautiful and traditional nation! Due to its high demand and entertaining activities bandy games just had to be added on our marvelous list of the 7 must-visit places for athletes in Europe. 



5. Portugal


Have you ever been to Lisbon, Portugal? Well… if you are an athlete, you must visit this destination in Europe as it’s home to one of the world’s most famous marathons. 

Although many countries host marathons, Lisbon does it differently. It features music throughout the entire race and a concert at the finish line while also providing spectacular landscape views. 

7 Must-Visit Destinations for Athletes in Europe

(Photo credit: worldsmarathons.com)

Additionally, if you’re into physical resistance challenges, this one will definitely provide you with one as the race covers 42 km. The Lisbon Marathon is a must-visit destination for athletes in Europe. 



6. England

7 Must-Visit Destinations for Athletes in Europe

Dear athletes, if cricket and therefore, England, isn’t in your bucket-list of places to visit as an athlete in Europe, shame on you. Just kidding, but really. 

Everyone knows England is home to cricket matches, that is why there is a stadium dedicated just for this incredible sport, called Lords.  

Cricket tends to draw Europeans from different countries to visit and see matches face-to-face, as it is considered a traditional custom. Therefore, join us in this must-visit destination for athletes in Europe!



7. Monaco

The last, but not least important destination to visit as an athlete lover & racing connoisseur in Europe is Monaco, where automobile racing is their main form of attraction with the Formula One.

7 Must-Visit Destinations for Athletes in Europe

(Photo credit: formula1.com)

Monaco’s racing tracks are considered the most challenging in Europe, and therefore, are highly respected by all nations. Thus, how about witnessing these fine races and thousands of fans and spectators’ presence?



If you are looking to relocate in Europe to pursue a different career or just for a change of scenery, and you are an athlete lover like me… you will most likely enjoy visiting these wonderful 7 Must-Visit Destinations for Athletes in Europe.


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