8 Moments That Only Happen During an Erasmus Exchange

 8 Moments That Only Happen During an Erasmus Exchange

It´s that time of year, summer is nearly over and many students are getting ready for their Erasmus year abroad! Studying abroad is a valuable experience like no other; here’s a list of things that will only happen once in your life during your Erasmus exchange!

When you find out your erasmus year is ACTUALLY happening!

…and you have to tell your friends that you’ll be away for 12 months!

When you FINALLY find an apartment (& you have a friend coming to visit every month of the year)

When you skype your parents for the first time and they ask what you’ve been doing with your free time…

When you discover that alcohol helps you to become bi/trilingual…

When you go to your first Erasmus party with all your international friends…

Whenever you recieve your Erasmus support money and you remember all of things you wanted to buy…

When you have to say goodbye to your new friends family

Good luck to the new Erasmus students we wish you all an exchange full of unforgettable experiences!

Have you been on an Erasmus and think we forgot to add something? Let us know!


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