8 Tasks To Give Your Brain A Break From Stress

 8 Tasks To Give Your Brain A Break From Stress

There are days where our life is stressful, chaotic and it feels like we don’t have time to relax and be left alone. Even if you don’t have work, you’re probably panicking over your finances or all your tasks that need to be completed by next week. It’s hard to get out of that place! 

Here are some quick brain break activities that are super helpful especially during a lockdown:

Make a to-do list 

It’s important to make a to-do list for the following day before you go to bed or after you finish work. Within your to-do list try fiving yourself set hours to complete your tasks which can help you prioritise your time accordingly. Also, crossing off completed tasks can feel awesome. This is a great tip!


Stretching is one of the most underrated exercises and only takes 10 minutes out of your day. This is a great way to start off your morning! If you need some inspiration and motivated, try YouTube for free instructional videos. Sometimes we’re so stressed about work or our personal lives that our body gets achy and uncomfortable, so stretching out helps you untangle those muscles.

Read for 30 minutes 

Whether you’re a big reader or don’t read at all, you should try reading an interesting book before you go to bed or after you finish a task at home for at least 30 minutes. Reading can help you unplug from the outside world and relax. Even though reading books is a hobby, you may feel like you have accomplished when you’ve finished them.

Write 3 things you have accomplished today or this week

Why not keep an ‘accomplishment’ notepad where you jot down all your daily or weekly accomplishments, which can include small things like completing watering your plants, going to do food shopping or simply cleaning the dishes that have been sitting in the sink…for one week! Other days it could be completing a complicated school assignment, a hard task at work or something you have struggled to finish within the house. Whatever it is, make sure to write it down and give yourself some credit!

Try out Headspace 

Headspace is an amazing app that offers quick guided meditations. Even for the people who don’t think meditation and deep breathing is for them, the app is offering a larger collection for users, for free. The sessions are short, starting from 5 minutes to 25 minutes, which is great for morning exercise. Try it out now!

Click here to register.

Clean your apartment/ house

It may be your unorganised home office or a pile of dirty clothes washing. Every day you are most likely to find something that needs ten minutes or more of your attention. Organising and cleaning a certain area can be extremely soothing and mentally relaxing. The thought of cleaning your entire apartment/ house can be off-putting, so its good to take it day by day.

Cleaning will give you a much-needed break during your hard, busy workday. It will make you feel accomplished, completed and helps keep the house clean. lovely!

Take a walk 

Go for a walk or take your dog on a walk if you have one. Distracting yourself knowing that you are doing something active in the morning or at the end of the day is great! Taking that time to give yourself physical distance from the source giving you a stressful mindset can be helpful. 

It should go without saying when leaving your house to go on a nice walk be mindful of the 2-metre distance for other people on the street/ park.

Browse vacation booking 

Even though it’s unclear when we will be able to travel to our favourite city or country again, it’s nice to have a look for great deals for 2021 if you are feeling overwhelmed, or simply had the travel bug. Spend 30 minutes just “planning” your next or dream holiday for the upcoming months or year.


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