Types of bosses as Harry Potter characters

8 Types of Bosses as Harry Potter Characters

Most bosses fall into a category – some fall into several. We´ve compiled a list of the types of bosses with their matching character from the Harry Potter films. Can you recognise your boss among them? 

The Friend (Ron)


This boss is all about maintaining a good relationship and having a laugh. They care about you, but they can also be firm and speak their mind, if something is bothering them – without it being awkward of course. They also have a tendency to swear.

The Teacher (Prof. McGonagall)

giphy-2This is probably the more traditional type of boss. They are strict, hard-working and motivated. They don´t leave any opportunity for cutting corners or having fun during work time. Maybe they aren´t hugely liked, but they are respected and they get results.

The Friend/Teacher (Hagrid)

giphy-3This is the boss that you have that awkward relationship with, where you have fun and bend the rules but you just can´t work out where the boundaries are. They are equally likely to tell you off, or join in, when you find yourself, er…”off task”. At the end of the day, you can still enjoy a beer together – just don´t tell them that it´s you that has been stealing toilet rolls.

The Dictator (Snape)

giphy-4This is the tyrant. The power-crazed bully who dishes out extra work for no reason and needs to assert him/herself due to a personal lack of satisfaction in life. They´re probably not a bad person behind that tough exterior, but they sure want you to think that they are. There is a slight chance this boss went to school with your dad and has an unreasonably strong hatred towards you because of it.

The Joker (Fred and George)

giphy-5This boss never gets any work done. In fact, you spend most of your time thinking about how they got this far without taking life seriously at all. Meetings go slowly because your hyperactive leader is just trying to give a quality performance and share hilarious stories from the weekend. They are blessed with immunity to stress and “bad days”. This outlook, although often annoying, is usually infectious.

The Know-It-All (Hermione)

giphy-6Results are what this boss cares about – but their results, not necessarily yours. They can be many of the other types of bosses as well, even ´The Friend´, but at the end of the day, they know best, so don´t forget it. If you have a good idea, your boss will have a better one. Our advice (something this boss provides in regular doses) for this type of boss is don´t be a threat. Head down, and don´t be too good at your job.

The Invisible Boss (You Know Who…)

giphy-7This boss is never around, but when s/he is you know about it and bad things start to happen. Everybody feels this boss´ presence – even muggles! They strike fear into the team and their very name is only uttered by a brave few.

The Mentor (Dumbledore)

giphy-8This is the boss we all want. They are wise, and have a solution for every problem, but at the same time don´t make you feel stupid for having a problem in the first place. They are the only one that ´The Invisible Boss´ is scared of. They use their magical managerial power for good and always have waist-length beards.

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