9 Signs That You Will Always Be A Traveller Deep Down

 9 Signs That You Will Always Be A Traveller Deep Down

If you’ve ever spent any significant amount of time abroad, you will know the feeling; maybe you’ve returned home to normal life, or perhaps you’ve become an expat or a constant traveller.

Either way, there are some signals that show that you are addicted and that you will always be a traveller at heart:

  1. You take travelling light to a new level

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No-one else you know has the ability to pack so little. Even if you’re only going away for the weekend, you are much too accustomed to taking the bare minimum. In fact, sometimes you have trouble filling your suitcase enough!

  1. Your finances include a travel budget

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You never know when you might suddenly need a couple of weeks’ travel, so it’s best to start saving now! Plus, you probably still have some foreign currency you need to use up anyway.

  1. You’ve become the resident ‘traveller’

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‘So where have you been to recently?’ ‘What’s the cheapest way to get to Crete?’ ‘How many bags does Ryanair allow?’ Even if you know nothing about the specific travel knowledge requested, you love that people include you in their own wanderlust-fuelled plans.

  1. Your feelings about languages = still a better love story that Twilight

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Even if you haven’t studied languages, you know enough to open your mind about other cultures and peoples. You find beauty in language and you lap up new foreign phrases and knowledge whenever you can.

  1. You also have a weird love of maps

Just looking at them, thinking about where you’ve been and where you will go. That’s why you own so many maps, and some of them are on display.

  1. You own travelling clothes and bags that no human eyes should ever see

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Very early on in your travelling career, you realised that ain’t nobody got time for uncomfortable clothes when you are on the road. You’re not going to see anyone you know anyway, and you have a travel-worn bag to match.

  1. You are more hesitant when buying large items

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…because if you set off on an adventure, you can’t transport them easily!

  1. Your room is full of small things that mean nothing to anyone else, but mean the world to you

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Nothing could replace those theatre tickets you bought for that night in Paris, or the key-ring that an old lady gave you in Peru. It may look like rubbish to others, but to you they are solid nostalgia.

  1. You function on several time zones

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Your phone still tells you the weather status and the time for a number of different places, and you love to check up on it. Besides, when you Whatsapp / Skype your friends abroad, you’ll need to know if it’s an appropriate time!

The good news is there is always so much more to see! The world endlessly offers more adventures, so never stop exploring!

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