April Fools’ Day in different European countries

 April Fools’ Day in different European countries

April Fools’ Day is all about joking around, creating pranks and hoaxing everyone around you and getting away with your mischievous actions by shouting “April fools”. 

Even though this holiday originates from England, nowadays many other countries have their own way of celebrating. The idea is always to make fools out of everyone by playing a joke on them but some countries made their own customers out of it. Let’s take a look at how pranksters from different European countries like to do it their own way! 

April Fools’ in France

Everybody knows French people like to be goofy. On April 1st the French developed the tradition to stick paper fish on each other’s backs. Kids usually turn it into a competition trying to sneakily stick paper fish on as many adults as possible. 

You will hear many shouting “Poisson d’Avri” (meaning April fish) to their victims on that day! Watch out and don’t be the biggest fool with a back hosting more fish than the North Sea. 

First of April in Greece 

Greek people’s success with jokes on April Fools’ day stands up for nothing but good luck! Greeks turn into pranksters because they live by the rule the better the joke the more fortunate the year. 

So if you happen to be in Greece during April Fool’s you better come up with something good!

Also, Greek people believe that rain on this day is a great sign! Water is said to have healing power and rainy April Fools’ Day is something Greeks will welcome with a smile. Try to convince the Dutch and English in such a theory. 

 How they celebrate it in the UK 

Tricksters in the UK are considered one of the best since they have the longest tradition of celebrating the day. But it is important to mention that in the UK jokes are only welcome before noon. If you continue playing jokes and doing pranks during the rest of the day you will be considered a fool! You better be an early bird on April Fool’s otherwise you will hear people say to you: “April Fools’ is past and gone, you’re the fool and I am none”.

April Fools’ in Germany 

Germans love to celebrate April Fools’ by coming up with absurd stories that are harmless but out of this world made up. Even some newspapers, TV and radio stations play along with ridiculously nonsensical news and then reveal the truth by saying the typical “Aprilscherz” phrase. 

The famous German theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer couldn’t say it better: “Absolute seriousness is never without a dash of humor.”


Although nobody really knows how it all started, April Fools’ is a tradition that proves little fun and foolishness can do no big harm. It is a day we can all shake seriousness off, loosen up a little and act unpredictable and fun because why not?


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