Stages of Job Rejection

 Stages of Job Rejection

We’ve all been rejected from a job, and there’s several stages to it

Searching for a job can be tiring, but the end goal is always worth it. Job rejection can be painful, but it’s important you get back up and keep going! Since the journey has so many ups and downs, you need the occasional laugh to get you through it. Here are the stages of job rejection as told by your favourite tv shows and celebrities. If anyone’s going to get you to dust yourself off and get back out there, it’s Beyoncé!

So here’s the situation: you find out that your dream company who you’ve been in contact with lately has sent you an email. You open it and start breathing heavily, they’ve rejected you and… here we go (again):

First comes SHOCK

Like total utter shock.

But then you think about it and you realise you’re not that shocked after all…

…and that’s when DENIAL comes in and you’re like

Nope, this isn’t happening

stages of job rejection

Like no way

And that’s when ANGER knocks the door down

and you’re like

Let’s not get violent, but you can’t help replaying this scene in your head.

Until it’s time for DEPRESSION

and you sit around like

and just can’t stop

but finally you decide to dry your tears

and get on with ACCEPTANCE.

stages of job rejection

It might be hard at first…

stages of job rejection

…but once you really accept the sad news you’ll be able to move on,

regain your confidence

and attend your next interview like

Which of the stages of job rejection are you at? Feeling ready to start the hunt again? Europe Language Jobs has your dream job waiting!


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