Arabella B

Top 5 Funniest Paintings in Spain to Giggle About

Goya’s grotesqueries, Miró’s primary-coloured prints, Picasso’s fragmented females… There is no doubt that Spain has a rich and diverse art history, with numerous artists still recognised across the globe today. However, fame is not necessarily achieved through the creation of serious masterpieces, and, as we are about to see, many eminent painters from the Iberian […]Read More

Top 5 Stereotypes about Swiss People and Culture in Europe

St Bernard Dogs with brandy barrels, Lindt chocolate bunnies, hilltop yodeling… let’s take a closer look at the stereotypes about Swiss people and culture Europeans have. What cultural clichés are associated with being born in dear old Switzerland? What does it mean to be quintessentially Swiss? Like Clockwork Punctuality is highly valued in Swiss culture […]Read More