European Breads – Test Your Knowledge

Another definition for bread is “happiness”, that’s right! Bread is known to bring a lot of joy to people, especially in Europe. I’m a fan myself! Are you? Then let’s test your knowledge on the most famous European breads out there! How did the quiz go? Did you guess them all? I believe our next […]Read More

5 Books You Must Read During the Pandemic

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How Much Do You Know About The Battle of the

Have you ever heard about the Battle of the Oranges? Does the name sound familiar to you? How about a quiz to test your knowledge or to find out what this mysterious ____ is all about? The Battle of the Oranges is a yearly carnival that takes place in Ivrea, Italy usually in February. Not […]Read More

Today’s 7 Most Multilingual Celebrities

We have all grown up watching movies, listening to our family’s favorite bands, admiring one’s paintings, or just appreciating any kind of art overall. Little did we know that some of our favorite stars share something in common with us; they speak many languages. No, not only two, but three or even more. Find out […]Read More

5 Quick Recipes to Try During COVID-19

Do you know of anyone who does not love food? I don’t.  However, I do know many people who do not like or do not have time to cook. Therefore, these 5 quick recipes to try during COVID-19 are dedicated to you.  Quiche Chocolate mug cake Chia pudding Burrito Banana Bread  Let’s give these amazing […]Read More

10 Best Snowboarding Resorts in Europe

Are you wondering what outdoor activities you can take part in this winter during COVID-19? If you enjoy sports and snow, how about spending an entire week, a few days, or maybe just a weekend in one of the 10 best snowboarding resorts in Europe?  This pandemic has been both a curse and a blessing, […]Read More

 10 Sentences that Will Make You Sound Like a Native

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7 Quick Ways to Properly Bundle Up in Europe

Winter Feels Better When You Know What to Wear Laugh as much as you want, but be aware that not everyone was taught how to properly bundle up, which is especially important if you decide to relocate to Europe.  If you come from warmer countries, such Portugal, Greece, or Spain, that’s totally understandable, as winter […]Read More

7 Must-Visit Destinations for Athletes in Europe

To be an athlete is to be mentally and physically strong, it is to be competitive in a healthy way, persistent, and passionate. Therefore, this article is dedicated to all sport players out there, who happen to be life & world lovers as well. Here are 7 must-visit destinations only for you, athletes, in Europe.  […]Read More

Top 5 Must-Visit Cafes for Coffee Addicts in Europe

What is the first thing you think of or feel when you hear the word ‘coffee’? … Do you smell it? Can you taste it? Are you craving it right now? Do you wonder where you can get some in this instance? Yep, I knew it. You are a coffee addict.  Whether you like expressos, […]Read More