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European Festivals You Can’t Miss

Find out what European festivals you cannot miss! Get ready for days filled with music, glitter and dancing around in the sunshine! We want to let you know of all fun festivals happening around you, so get your wallet ready, you do not want to miss out on these! Primavera Sound Based in the beautiful […]Read More

40 Weird Phobias That Will Ruin Your Trip

  Here are the 40 weird phobias that can ruin your travel! Your holiday will be a definite disaster if you have one of these phobias. And some of them will really surprise you!   40 Weird Phobias: 1. Heliophobia – The fear of the sun Ibiza, Santorini, Miami are all off limits 2. Ombrophobia – The […]Read More

Game of Thrones: If Westeros was in Europe (no spoilers)

You’re safe with us as this article doesn’t contain any spoilers about Game of Thrones! Whether you’ve just started or completed the last season, we’re sure you’re still craving more Game of Thrones related content. As you all know, Europe has been the filming location of many of the regions in which George R.R. Martin’s […]Read More

Romanian Stereotypes: True or False

Every country has a stereotype, including Romania, so today we will tell you all about Romanian stereotypes! So far Europe Language Café has talked about German, Dutch, French, English, Portuguese, Italian and Polish stereotypes. Let’s find out which of these stereotypes are true and which ones are false. Romanians are gypsies This is false! In fact, […]Read More

Traditional Easter Cakes Around Europe

What do Europeans eat for Easter? Easter is a pretty important holiday in Europe, and it’s celebrated in a big, fancy way with a lot of food! It is not only about painted Easter eggs… but cakes too! Traditional Easter Cakes For many countries, Easter is as important as the Christmas holiday and people start […]Read More

Quiz: Which Game Of Thrones character are you?

Are you ready to take our Game of Thrones Personality Quiz? The show may be over, but our love for the characters is undying! #whatisdeadmayneverdie! At least we can still visit Westeros! We all have our favourite characters and our least favourite characters; ones we wish never died, ones we think definitely deserved their ending. […]Read More

Europe In Miniature: Tiny Countries You Should Visit

Europe has so much to offer to tourists wanting to see different, beautiful places, and choosing where to go can be a really difficult process. Often, people focus on the big, famous countries and landmarks, and miss out on some of the most beautiful gems hidden out there. Sometimes the smallest countries have the most […]Read More

Things you can buy in Europe for Five Euros

Do you think you can spare five euros? If you are a bargain hunter, you will be interested in how to make the most out of your money whilst travelling. Because let’s face it we all love to travel, but sometimes money is the thing that is stopping us! There is something you can buy […]Read More

Quiz: What Language Should I Learn Next?

If you ever find yourself wondering “What language should I learn next?” This quiz is perfect for you! Are you a language enthusiast? Knowing more than 1 language is always useful, whether it’s for social reasons, work reasons, or even for love!! Deciding what to learn next can be tricky, as you’ll need to commit […]Read More