Europe Language Café

Quiz: Traditional European Food

Food! Everyone loves it! That is why Europe Language Café in this weeks blog is going to be everything food, food and more food. We created a new quiz for you to try out your knowledge on how well you know traditional European food. Are you ready? Then let’s get started! Was there one specific […]Read More

Top 5 Countries To Visit In Europe If You Speak

Did you know that there are 95 million native German speakers and 175-200 million German speakers worldwide? Impressive, right? This means that while travelling around the world, German speaking people will have no problem communicating with foreigners in much of the world. However, to make it easier for you, in this week’s blog we will […]Read More

Quiz: How well do you know the different flags in

The number of different flags around the world is seemingly endless. However, there are only 51 in Europe. Here at Europe Language Café we have created a quiz to see how well you know different flags in Europe. In this quiz you will see fifteen different European flags and all you need to do is to choose […]Read More

Traditional Festivals In Spain

Traditional Festivals In Spain In this weeks blog, we will explore the traditional festivals in Spain. Steeped in tradition and history, locals and tourists alike flock to its towns and cities to celebrate these spectacular and even plain weird spanish festivals every year. You’ve probably heard that the Spanish love a fiesta, but with all […]Read More

Common German Stereotypes

As the typical stereotypes go, Germans are described as complainers with no sense of humour. They are always on time, efficient and hard-working. Beer is an essential part of the culture as well as sausage, sauerkraut and the Dirndl & Lederhosen. Living abroad as a German gives you an interesting insight into the stereotypes about […]Read More

The Most Multilingual Celebrities

Would it surprise you to learn that famous celebrities take the time to learn different languages? Of course it would, they’re so busy! You may be surprised by how many languages some of our idols are able to speak. We have created a list of 7 multilingual celebrities who speak more languages than other celebs. […]Read More

The Top 10 Most Annoying Things Whilst Traveling

The top 10 most annoying things whilst traveling. We all love traveling – choosing our ideal destination, buying flight tickets and planning our itinerary. However, sometimes we come across annoying things that can easily destroy our perfect holiday mood. Here we have listed the top ten most annoying things whilst travelling abroad. People who have […]Read More

The Top 10 Craziest World Cup moments

  The World Cup is one the most exciting events in the world, some of the best players are on showcase bringing us a variety of magical, shocking and sometimes dull (I’m looking at you South Africa 2010) moments that keep us talking for years! Here are our Top 10 World Cup Moments! I should […]Read More

11 Best Ever World Cup Games

One sided games, 90 minute battles and last minute winners, this is a list of our Top 11 Best Ever World Cup Games! I wanted to do a Top 10 but I really wanted to include a bonus match that while wasn’t memorable for quality, it was one of the biggest upsets the World Cup […]Read More