6 Reasons You Should Date A Polyglot

It’s a common fantasy; you go on holiday, or to a party, you meet an exotic foreigner, or a traveller, and they are everything you ever wanted dreamed of. And this is not an unusual fantasy; there is a reason you are attracted to polyglots (in fact, there are 6).  Here is why you should […]Read More

Pick up lines to help you flirt in 4 languages

Never has multilingualism been more useful than when we all want to communicate in the language of love. Perhaps you are living abroad over this Valentine’s Day, or perhaps there’s a special someone you’d like to seduce but you need the lingo to do so. Either way, here is a guide to charming your foreign […]Read More

5 examples of Europe’s best Carnivals

If you are a carnival lover: You really should have seen these carnivals across Europe. Those are the craziest and, most impressive examples of Europe’s best Carnivals, which we found for you. The Tenerife Carnival in the Canary Islands is the most well-known and important Carnival celebration in Europe, and the second in the entire […]Read More

10 ways that studying languages ruins your life

‘Study a language’ they said, ‘it’ll be fun’ they said… The ‘mental block’ becomes your daily torture (in native and learned languages alike) Brain: Knows more than one language –> refuses to find the correct word for the language you are speaking in. You have to decide between sounding pretentious or pronouncing it wrong when you […]Read More

9 Fictional Movie Locations that are actually in Europe

Throughout movie history, thousands of fictional lands, planets, and towns have enthralled and impressed us. But I bet you didn’t know that these 9 fictional  movie locations really do exist… and in Europe! Interstellar As Matthew Mcconaughey travels the icy wastelands of the fictional planet of ‘Mann’ in Interstellar, in reality he is enduring the […]Read More

New Year’s Resolutions: Expectation vs. Reality

Most of the time, there is a gap between what we expect from our New Year’s Resolutions and what you are really going to change in your life. So here is the truth about new year’s resolutions! Life Strategy Expectation: You will reach New Year’s Eve with a solid plan for the year ahead I know what […]Read More

5 Key Ways To Make It As An Intern

The idea of being an intern may not be the most glamourous, but sooner or later one thing will become very clear; your career path will have to start with an internship. Don’t forget that internships are an important stepping stone to your future, so fret not, and follow these steps to success: Remember; we’ve […]Read More

12 Awkward moments that all language lovers will recognise

When your friends don’t understand your love of languages What do you mean you don’t care about the Oxford comma? When someone makes a grammatical mistake And you have to pretend you haven’t noticed  *Suppress the geek* When someone asks you to translate something for them/ say something in another language Come on people, I’m not a walking […]Read More