Geography Quiz: Romania

As the 12th biggest country in Europe, Romania has a lot to offer in terms of geography – both physical and human. Test your knowledge of the country in our Romanian geography quiz! Keep scrolling for some explanations of the answers. The answers explained: In terms of area, Romania is 238,391km², Poland 312,685k², whereas Iceland […]Read More

Geography Quiz: Italy

For most of us, we love Italy for the good food and beautiful architecture. For geographers, Italy is a geographical dream – with a number of mountain ranges to the north, and several active volcanoes in the south there is no end of things to marvel at in this varied geographic landscape. Answers explained: Italy’s […]Read More

4 Comedies That Portray British Life Perfectly

Whilst many British stereotypes involve the Queen, a lot of tea, and red telephone boxes, the reality couldn’t be much further from this. Although a small group of countries, each region has their own quirks and cultural differences. The following are 4 TV shows that perfectly portray British life in each different country. Gavin & […]Read More

Why Galicia Is The Most Underrated Destination In Europe

Galicia is one of the most beautiful and unknown destinations for tourists and adventurers in the world. You are probably wondering where it is. Galicia is a region located in the northwest of Spain, just above Portugal. It is considered a magical land and pilgrimage destination along the famous Camino de Santiago. Natural Landscapes Galicia […]Read More

Can you spot the fake English word?

The English language can be interesting to learn… some of the words appear far too similar, and others completely made up. This isn’t always so far from the truth, as writers from Shakespeare to Roald Dahl have contributed their fair share of words to the English dictionary. This can add some confusion to the language […]Read More

How to say HAPPY NEW YEAR wherever you are in

If you’re travelling in Europe this New Year, be sure to find out how to wish a Happy New Year to the locals! It is a holiday celebrated everywhere, and in some cases more important than Christmas Day, so it is sure to be appreciated. We’ve organised them by European regions, and then alphabetically, to […]Read More

European New Year’s Eve Traditions

From eating twelve grapes to talking with animals, find out the weirdest European New Year’s Eve traditions you’ve ever heard! The year is ending and we’re entering a new decade. The 20s! It sounds like it should be good and so you have to celebrate it with style. It doesn’t matter if it’s with family, […]Read More

Big European Quiz of 2019 – Part 2: Film, Fashion

If you haven’t already done part 1 of the quiz of Europe 2019, make sure you do that first! If you have, welcome to part 2! A lot has happened in the European world of film, fashion, and music in 2019. Can you remember all of it? We can explain some of the answers for […]Read More

Big European Quiz of 2019 – Part 1: Current Affairs

Now 2019 is coming to an end, it’s time to reflect on all that has happened this past year. Once you’ve finished, complete part 2 of the quiz here. Need some more info on these questions? Look no further: Following a decision made by the Constitutional Court on 4 December 2017, same sex marriage became […]Read More

Who Makes The Best Hot Chocolate in Europe?

During winter time (and especially Christmas) Europe has much to offer in terms of seasonal sweets and cakes. This doesn’t stop short of hot cocoa. The recipe does vary however from country to country. Naturally this begs the question, who makes the best hot chocolate in Europe? We’ll be looking at 5 different countries’ recipes, […]Read More