Geography Quiz: European Airports

This geography test is all about testing your knowledge of European airports. With over 40.000 airports in the world, it would be impossible to know them all. However, there are some that are more memorable than others thanks to their name. A special few are named after famous people. But how many of these will […]Read More

Easiest Languages for German Speakers to Learn

If you’re a native German speaker, or have learnt German and are wondering which language to learn next, take a look at this list. These languages are especially good if you want to learn to speak a foreign tongue in a short amount of time! Luxembourgish More closely related to German than many High German […]Read More

8 European Christmas Movies

It’s true that many of our traditional Christmas movies originate from America. However, some of the best are set in Europe. Afterall, this is where so many Christmas traditions originated. We may have cheated a little on some of these European Christmas movies, however, you will definitely find at least some European influence in all […]Read More

Christmas Bucket List: European Travel

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Given so many Christmas traditions have taken root here, it makes sense why Europe is one of the best places to spend Christmas. The Germans are to thank for Christmas trees and St Nick himself was thought to have been born in Turkey. The more you think […]Read More

Geography Quiz: How well do you know European currency?

This European currency quiz isn’t all about the Euro! Even though it’s by far the most widespread European currency, there’s still many countries that haven’t yet adopted the Euro. Take this European currency quiz to test your geography knowledge. How did you find it? Did we manage to catch you out at all? Let us […]Read More

Non-scary Halloween Movies

Spooky season can be hard for those who are easily frightened. Everyone wants to watch horror movies and get in the mood for Halloween. Luckily for the more fearful there are plenty of non-scary Halloween movies to get you in the mood! We’ve created a scary-meter to help guide you on how much creepy you […]Read More

The Hardest Halloween Movie Quiz Ever

Have you done a Halloween movie marathon this year yet? There’s plenty to choose from, whether you like the horror genre or prefer something a little lighter. But how well have you concentrated whilst watching them? Test your knowledge of some of the most famous Halloween movies of all time in this Halloween movie quiz. […]Read More

The Top 5 Scary Languages

Amongst the fictional and the supernatural, there are many scary languages. And you thought learning to pronounce English town names was scary…. Twin language The phenomena of twins developing their own secret language is also known as Cryptophasia. It is thought to occur in 50% of all twins – identical or not. Usually, the twins […]Read More

European Conspiracy Theories

With so many conspiracy theories based in America, we wanted to take a look at those that originate from Europe. Some of these European conspiracy theories have been developing for centuries, other only the past few decades. But they all share one common factor; none of them have been solved… Hitler in SA There has […]Read More

Personality Test: Where should you spend Halloween?

Whether it’s your favourite time of year or your most dreaded, we have a solution for you. Take this personality test to find out where you should be spending Halloween! Where are you spending your Halloween? Let us know in the comments below! Was this Halloween personality test not spooky enough for you? Check out […]Read More