Mia Graham

Guide: Welcome To Paris

Paris is an incredible city with hundreds of fun experiences for you, your family and friends to do. Have you been lucky enough to visit Paris or dreaming of that day you do?   Well, here is a list of recommendations before booking that trip to Paris:      RESTAURANTS  GUY SAVOY MADITO  LE CINQ  […]Read More


With many countries still under lockdowwn, the prospect of a fun summer may feel a little out of reach. However, there are still many ways to enjoy this season in quarentine. Using the extra time you have, you can grow and develop new iseas by engaging in healthy practicies and activities youve never thought of […]Read More

10 Summer Activities You Can Do At Home

As kids, we count down the seconds until the final day of school for the year is officially over. But as adults we arent chained to the academic schedule anymore, yet the anticipation of summer never really fades. These hot days, extra hours of sunlight means more time to do all the best summer activities. […]Read More


We’re near to the end of the year, and you might be worrying about whether you’ll actually achieve your year resolutions for your life and career. Even though, being prepared on all your goals, you should start small and focus on your soft skills.  A lot of us put pressure on ourselves and focus on […]Read More

What To Do This Weekend During Lockdown Based on Your

Lockdown may be easing off in certain parts of the world, but staying safe is still a major priority this summer. So, you’re probably thinking what’s there to do? There’s loads! Summer is here, and there is no way the current situation can stop you from having a great time while being safe. Here are […]Read More

8 Tasks To Give Your Brain A Break From Stress

There are days where our life is stressful, chaotic and it feels like we don’t have time to relax and be left alone. Even if you don’t have work, you’re probably panicking over your finances or all your tasks that need to be completed by next week. It’s hard to get out of that place!  Here […]Read More

5 Inexpensive Ways To Feel ‘Normal’ Again

Europe Language Jobs quickly jumped from our regular blogs talking about the best locations to go on holiday in Europe and facts about each country to cover topics what to wear whilst working at home, what activities to do whilst in lockdown and how to cope with the pandemic.  Its always been important to create […]Read More

20 Things You Can Do For Yourself Right Now

Who would have thought that our lives would change so differently, so sudden? You shouldn’t think that our lives have paused because restaurants and offices have closed or masks are required to be worn when going out.  Here are 20 things you can do for yourself right now with a purpose to tune in to […]Read More

4 Ways To Better Your CV In Quarantine

Due to the current situation, we have been all advised to adopt a new routine. The advantage of this time is that isolation has given us back the time we could have otherwise spent socialising with friends and work colleagues, where was now we can focus on ourselves and our goals. Some of you reading […]Read More

The Pros and Cons Where You Work From Home

Heres a question for you today, where in your home are you currently working at? Do you have specific one space or are you switching up spots in your  when you work from home? Here are some pros and cons to the different spaces you work from home…   Outside ( Garden/ Balcony)   Pros: […]Read More