Best Travel Movies to Watch at Home

The coronavirus crisis has limited displacement. Among other things, it has removed to us the possibility of travelling, even within our own country. Staying at home can be frustrating when you are a born traveller, but there are other ways to set off on a journey and live adventures without living the house. Using our […]Read More

11 Best TV Shows On Netflix To Watch While Stuck

Due to the current coronavirus outbreak, many countries have entered ‘lockdown’ to enforce people to stay at home and to stop the virus from spreading. The question is: what can you do for so many hours at home? Well we can suggest 2 activities that we absolutely love to do; learn languages and watch TV […]Read More

17 Weird & Interesting Facts About Romania

When we think of Romania, a lot of things come to our mind right away: enchanted castles, vampires, magical forests… But you probably have never heard of these amazing weird facts about Romania: 1.- IT HAS THE HIGHEST WOODEN CHURCH IN EUROPE All churches in Romania are noteworthy. In a small town in the north […]Read More

8 European Christmas Creatures That Will Give You Nightmares

When we think of Christmas, only positive things come to mind at first; joy, presents, family … and why would it be any different? Christmas’ starring character is a plump and happy man who delivers gifts all over the world in his sleigh. But the truth is, Santa Claus is not the only Christmas character […]Read More