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10 Summer Activities You Can Do At Home

As kids, we count down the seconds until the final day of school for the year is officially over. But as adults we arent chained to the academic schedule anymore, yet the anticipation of summer never really fades. These hot days, extra hours of sunlight means more time to do all the best summer activities. […]Read More

Working from home Expectation Vs Reality

I’m guilty! What’s working from home, when you can watch Netflix in bed with popcorn? We have all said “I would rather work from home. It would be so much easier” or “I will be a lot more productive if I worked from home”, but will it be as easy as we say or will […]Read More

Things you should know before travelling to Romania

Is Romania on your bucket list of places to travel to? Good! Because it should be on everyone’s list since this country has so many great features starting with nature and finishing with culture and history. Are you convinced yet? Let us help you out by telling what things you should know before travelling to […]Read More

Quiz: What do you know about Brexit?

Europe recently has experienced an event that will stay written in our history for ages – Brexit. After almost 50 years of United Kingdom being a part of European Union, people of the UK voted for the end of this union by leaving the rest of Europe in obscurity of what’s going to happen next. […]Read More

Personality test: vacation to go on

As summer is approaching us quickly it’s time to start planning your next vacation to go on! To help you with this “difficult task” we created you a personality test that will make your holiday planning less stressful! Answer these 10 questions and get to buy tickets to your next holiday destination! Don’t forget to […]Read More

Lithuanian Stereotypes Explained

Even though Lithuania is one of the smallest and least known countries in Europe, somehow it still manages to have plenty of stereotypes floating around it. As with our other stereotype blogs, we are going to break down some Lithuanian stereotypes and facts Lithuania with hope you’ll get to know this little country a bit […]Read More