April Fools’ Day in different European countries

April Fools’ Day is all about joking around, creating pranks and hoaxing everyone around you and getting away with your mischievous actions by shouting “April fools”.  Even though this holiday originates from England, nowadays many other countries have their own way of celebrating. The idea is always to make fools out of everyone by playing […]Read More

11 Best TV Shows On Netflix To Watch While Stuck

Due to the current coronavirus outbreak, many countries have entered ‘lockdown’ to enforce people to stay at home and to stop the virus from spreading. The question is: what can you do for so many hours at home? Well we can suggest 2 activities that we absolutely love to do; learn languages and watch TV […]Read More

How to travel without leaving the house

How to travel without leaving the house When someone asks you: “What do you like doing in your free time?”, is traveling the thing that comes to mind first? And do you believe us if we tell you it is possible to do it without leaving your house? The truth is traveling is something we […]Read More