Best cities to party in Europe

 Best cities to party in Europe

best cities to party in Europe

The best cities to party in Europe never disappoint. Which one will you choose this summer?

Are you already creating your plans for your summer 2018 trip? The spring is near, the cold weather and days without sunshine are all but gone. So, the best time to make your plans is NOW! But where to go?

We know where; places where you can just switch off and enjoy the moment with other people who want to do the same. So here are the best cities to party in Europe in 2018 to enjoy the best time of year and party where you don’t need to care about tomorrow.


  1. Barcelona, Spain

Partying in Barcelona

I hope you’ve been practicing your Spanish! Perfect weather, pretty people, many clubs and cheap bars – If you want to have an unforgettable night, Barcelona offers everything. The nightlife doesn’t start before 2 am – but from then on the clubs will be full of animated people and loud music. Also, it could be a nice start to the day after, to sit by the sea and watch the sunrise.


  1. Ios, Greece

Ios party beach

Ok… so this isn’t a city but Ios rivals the best cities to party in Europe. This little Island in Greece will maybe keep you longer than you planned. The people around here spread good vibes and positive energy to everybody. It seems that everyone wants to do the same: party! Also, you can find many cheap places to stay during your vacation.


  1. Berlin, Germany

Berlin techno festival

Berlin has the best nightclub scene in the world – entry and drinks are cheap, most of the clubs seem that they never close and the people around you look even crazier than you! The atmosphere takes you into another world while having a great time with in open-minded and multicultural company.


  1. Prague, Czech Republic

prague nightlife party

Maybe Prague is one of the best cities to party in Europe and by day, one of the best to get lost in with a hangover – it seems like there are no rules in this capital. No closing times and endless possibilities and reasons to have a good party. A big benefit is, that everything is very cheap – beer, entry, public transport and hotels.


 Tip: Think you can drink? The PUB is a bar where every table is connected to an online beer competition. You don’t only compete with your neighbouring tables but with the other bars across the country. Pit your strength against our guests in The PUB Pilsen, Liberec, Berlin, etc



  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

amsterdam night clubbers

As Amsterdam is known for its electronic music scene, high number of annual music festivals and certain legal substances, this city definitely deserves a spot on this list. Even though most people think of weed, canals and the red light district when mentioning this city, the Dutch capital has so much more to offer than that. Party from dusk till dawn in Amsterdam’s top notch clubs like Shelter, the Sugar Factory or de School or take the free ferry to Amsterdams NDSM Docklands. In summer you can enjoy one of the many big festivals Amsterdam has to offer or have a more chill night in one of Amsterdam’s many parks.


  1. Copenhagen, Denmark

copenhagen love festival

The city with the best after-hour places, is called Copenhagen. Danish people are famous for their talent to party and their welcoming personality. Lots of bars are open from 3am to 10 am inviting everybody to have a nice daybreak and just enjoying your time. And even if the drinks are a bit expensive, in the end it’ll be worth it.

We hope our list of cities to party in Europe inspired you to try something new this summer. Maybe you have a different destination in mind? Suggest it in the comments!


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