Best summer festivals in Europe

 Best summer festivals in Europe

Summer time is festival time! Posters for summer festivals have been up for months now and we’re all ready for a bit of nice weather and free time. It’s the perfect time to get out and enjoy open air music in the coolest environments. Our beloved Europe offers hundreds of great summer festivals, and even though we all wish we could enjoy them every one, few of us have that kind of free time or extra cash… so we will help you to decide which one to choose!

It’s a matter of taste. It depends on the kind of music you like, the people you want to be surrounded by and even the kind of landscape you enjoy the most. We have selected the most popular summer festivals in various European countries, to give you a wide variety of options to choose from. We kick off our list in Belgium…

Tomorrowland » Belgium

Tomorrowland Belgium summer festivalLocation: Boom

Dates: July 21-30

Music genre: EDM

Starting with the most popular in recent years, there aren’t many things left unsaid about the world’s biggest electronic music festival.

Located on the town of Boom, close to Amberes, it hosts 40.000 visitors each year. Tickets are very hard to get your hands on and they sell out in, literally, a few minutes after they’re released.

The great thing about the festival is not only that it unites the best DJ’s and electronic musicians in the world, but it is also very attractive because of the fairytale setting that can be seen there as well as the non-stop party.

Glastonbury » United Kingdom 

Glastonbury summer festivals

Location: Glastonbury

Dates: June 21-25

Music genre: Rock

If we can say Tomorrowland is the most popular festival of the last few years, we can talk about Glastonbury as the most popular of all time.  One of the veterans of Europe’s summer festivals, Glastonbury dates back to 1970 as a pure rock festival. The line ups have featured other genres such as pop and electronic in recent years. The list of legends  that have graced the iconic stage is extensive but includes the likes of David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder and Johnny Cash, but also contemporary superstars such as Ed Sheeran, Adele, Kayne West and Beyonce.

The theme is based in hippie culture and, aside from music concerts, it offers every kind of artistic expression such as theatre, dance, circus, cabaret, comedy and so on.

Hopefully you don’t suffer from enochlophobia (fear of crowds) as the current capacity is 135,000 people – which equals the population of the city of Oxford. If you enjoy every kind of music then you should come to this iconic festival at least once in a lifetime!

Primavera Sound » Spain 

Primavera soumd summer festivals in spain

Location: Barcelona

Dates: May 31 – June 4

Music genre: alternative

Ok, we know it’s a bit late to tell you to go to Primavera Sound this year. As the name itself says –“Primavera” means “Spring”- it has already taken place in 2017. But we can’t skip the opportunity of  recommending this festival to you for next year.

Number three on our list of summer festivals has been taking place since 2001. Its popularity has increased over the years until it became one of the most popular festivals in Spain. Though it’s an urban-based festival, it’s near the sea so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

But, if something makes Primavera Sound stand out from the other summer festivals, it’s the commitment to quality music. Best of alternative, rock and pop music has reached the stages of Primavera – including Lou Reed, Patti Smith, LCD Soundsystem, and so on.

 NOS Alive » Portugal

Nos alive summer festivals Portugal

Location: Lisbon

Dates: July 6-8

Music genre: alternative

Even though it hasn’t been going that long in camparison to some of the other festival giants -the first event took place in 2007-, it is not an impediment for it to be one of the most popular and acclaimed festivals in Europe. Formerly named Optimus Alive, the festival has welcomed music legends such as Bob Dylan, Metallica and Radiohead, as well as many rising stars.

OFF Festival » Poland

Off festival summer festivals poland

Location: Katowice

Dates: August 4-6

Music genre: various

This eclectic festival has earned the ‘best-in-country’ status over the years . With great music of all genres (from My Bloody Valentine to Run The Jewels or Patti Smith) and a green setting, OFF Festival fills the city of Katowice with rhythm, happiness and environmental respect. Actually, one of the distinguishing attributes of this festival is the respectful and aware spirit that it holds. The beautiful landscape where it takes place, among fields and lakes, is a good excuse to remind us of how important it is to take care of such places.

Electrobeach » France

Electrobeach summer festivals France

Location: Port-Barcarès

Dates: July 14-16

Music genre: EDM

Here we have a classic of the summer festivals: the beach festival! One of the coolest summer events of the last years is French Electrobeach. As the name tself suggests, the aim of the festival is to enjoy electronic music while letting your hair down on the Eastern French beaches. The popularity and reputation of the hosts have been increasing with the years, being lead this year by electronic icons like David Guetta, Martin Garrix and Calvin Harris. A good choice if you want to feel the summer while partying and dancing to the best EDM!

UltraEurope » Croatia

UltraEurope summer festivals

Location: Split

Dates: July 14-16

Music genre: EDM

It’s not exactly news to hear that Croatia is becoming one of Europe’s favourite summer destinations, and summer festivals are one of the main reasons. Among all the amazing events that take place during this months in the country, UltraEurope is probably the most popular. The reasons? A bunch of A-list electronic artists (including Afrojack, Armin Van Buuren, Axwell^Ingrosso, David Guetta and Hardwell this year) and a thrilling media spectacle are also to be expected at Split, which is the perfect summer dream city.

Secret Solstice » Iceland

Location: Reikjavic

Dates: June 15-18

Music genre: alternative/hip-hop

Trying to remain impartial, we would say this one is the most charming of all the summer festivals on the list. Hosted in Reikjavic during the summer solstice, which means the sun shines literally all day and all night, this amazing festival offers not only great music but all kind of complementary attractions: boat trips, thermal waters, natural landscapes… and even intimate concerts in secret craves! This is your perfect choice if you have eclectic music tastes (from alternative rock to hip-hop) and are willing to live a different and outstanding experience.

Colours of Ostrava » Czech Republic
Colours of Ostrava, one of the best summer festivals in Europe
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Location: Ostrava

Dates: July 19-22

Music genre: various

One of the greatest and most varied on the list. This festival has made a namefor itself not only because its awesome line up, but also for its stunningly unique location: it is held on the ruins of the old industrial quarter, among mines and ironworks. The music goes from jazz to pop, through alternative and hip-hop, hosting artists as different from each others as Jamiroquai, Imagine Dragons, Norah Jones, Justice or Michael Kiwanuka this year.

Anyway, great location and great music are not the only claims of this festival, where you can enjoy every kind of show hosted on 16 different stages.

Already booking your tickets? Let us know which one is your favourite, or suggest other great summer festivals you’ve been to.

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