Quiz: British Slang Words

 Quiz: British Slang Words

Are you fluent in British Slang?

Learning a new language is hard enough with all the grammar, idioms and accents – but if you want to become truly fluent, you might want to learn some local slang. These can be useful in everyday conversation… but maybe don’t use these phrases in a job interview! Try and guess the answers to these questions about British slang phrases below and see if you can speak like a native!

What does peak mean?

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Example: Wow, dumping Becky on her birthday was so peak of you man.

What does 'butters' mean?

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Example: That guy you kissed last night was butters.

You call someone a chirpse when:

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Example: Heard you went to the cinema with Lucy last night, is it a chirpse?

A ‘dead ting’ is someone who is...

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Example: Amber is really pretty and funny whereas Joanna is a dead ting.

What’s a whip?

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Example: German whip = BMW

Which sentence makes sense?

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Craic is used a lot in Ireland and can mean 'a good time'. Someone might also ask "what's the craic?" which is another way of saying what's up?

When would you say ‘your mum’?

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You can also use it as a response to any question. Example: Who were you with the cinema last night? Your mum.

“That was a nice cuppa!” is another way of saying...

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Cuppa = Tea. An essential piece of vocab if you're going to England.

‘What you sayin’ means...

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This one can be kind of confusing - even for a native person. What you saying can mean what's up, how you doing etc.

Why would someone be a ‘wrong ‘un’

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Example: Dwight Schrute is a wrong 'un.

British Slang
Full marks, well done!!!

Are you sure you're not British?

You're so nearly British you deserve a cuppa.

Not bad, not the best.

Maybe next time...
Peak times


You might want to look back over these slang terms before you use them!

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So, how did you do? Learning slang is a crucial part of learning a language. Understanding slang words can seem like a whole new language at first, but once you get the hang of it you will feel like a true native when practicing the language. Maybe you can add these to your British Slang dictionary… just make sure you use them correctly!

Top tip: Remember even in smaller countries like England, slang is often regional… so if someones looking at you with a blank face when you’re talking about driving your whip, it might be because they’re from the North, not because you’re knowledge of British slang is wrong!

Until next time…

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