Bulgaria – 8 Facts To Discover

 Bulgaria – 8 Facts To Discover

Bulgaria is known for its beautiful mountains, ski resorts, hiking trails and of course their beautiful beaches on the Black Sea. Bulgaria has a blend of both western and eastern cultures and contains the second oldest occupied town in Europe.

1. Bulgarians Love To Drink Soup

Bulgarians love to drink soup. You can actually find small stores which just sell soup. Different, right? The first store was in Sofia that sold just soup, its called Supa Star. in Supa Star, they sell up to 6 different soups each day costing around €2 per bowl. They serve a cold and hot stop and each soup is filled with loads of ingredients. It makes you want to visit right? Well, you can! Although the menu in the store is completely in the local language, all staff members speak fluent English and are more than happy explain.

2. Bulgaria Have Thousands Of Years History

The history of this country goes back thousands of years, even more than communism and the Romans. However, you will be able to see in numerous ancient Roman influence in cities like Ruse, Sofia and Plovdiv. You will find Roman baths in Varna and Sofia. Also, Plovdiv is the 6th oldest city in the world

3. Technology Was Invented In Bulgaria

Did you know that Bulgarians invented the first electronic computer, car air ag and digital watches? John Atanasoff and Clifford Berry worked together to develop the first electronic digital computer.

4. Manners In Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, people say ‘yes’ by shaking their heads rather than nodding which is used to express disapproval. Weird, right?

5. Natural Rose Oil Produced In Bulgaria

Bulgaria produced about 75% of the worlds rose oil. Wow! Rose oil is used in a lot of beauty products, shampoos, soaps etc. The Bulgarian Rose Valley is known for its exquisite Bulgarian rose oil, also known as ‘rose otto’.

6. Natural Spring Water

Data has shown that this country is the 2nd country with the highest number of natural mineral springs in Europe, after Iceland. Does this mean Bulgaria is perfect for SPA? I think so!

7. Currency In Bulgaria 

Did you know Bulgaria still does not have the Euro instead, it has its own currency – the Bulgarian Lev. Also, ‘Lev’ means Lion.

8. Population Crisis 

Bulgaria’s population is slowly shrinking due to low birth rates and outward migration. It is estimated that the current population will decline by almost one-third by the year 2060.

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