The best New Year’s resolutions

The best New Year’s resolutions

Will you make some of the best New Year’s resolutions this year or have you already given up on it as they will surely get forgotten through the year just […]

Camping in Spain the wildest places

Camping in Spain: the wildest places

Get away from the irritating noise of the city and find the ideal camping in Spain to relax! It is always good to get out of the usual routine sometimes […]

Thanksgiving in Europe

Thanksgiving in Europe: 5 ways to celebrate as an American expat

Being an expat may seem daunting especially for an American celebrating Thanksgiving in Europe, but that fear should subside once you’ve completed your ingredients list for an almost perfect Thanksgiving dinner. […]

Best Halloween destinations in Europe

Forget summer getaways, Halloween destinations should be on your mind now. Halloween is almost here and as the second most commercial holiday, it should be taken as an opportunity to […]

challenges of multilingual recruitment

10 challenges you’ll recognise if you work in multilingual recruitment

Working in multilingual recruitment is being a multi-talented person; you are a marketeer, sales rep, IT professional and an accountant. Besides that, you have a good knowledge of people, you are an […]

Songs dedicated to European cities

7 songs dedicated to European cities

Beautiful Europe has always been a source of inspiration for every kind of art. Since the beginning of time, the magnificence of European cities has motivated painters, sculptors, writers, photographers,… […]

Best summer festivals in Europe

Best summer festivals in Europe

Summer time is festival time! Posters for summer festivals have been up for months now and we’re all ready for a bit of nice weather and free time. It’s the […]

6 songs that weren't originally in English

6 songs you didn’t know weren’t originally in English

You grew up listening to some of them. Enjoyed your youth dancing to others. You’ll remember most of them. They are all great hits and, thanks to the rise of […]

odd european surnames

7 Odd European Surnames and what they mean

Surnames can tell you a lot about your family history. It can divulge incredible insights into what your ancestors did, looked like or the personality traits they had. Amongst the […]

Reverse Culture Shock Exists: And This Is How To Deal With It

Are you going back home after being an expat for a long time? Then prepare yourself for reverse culture shock!