Romanian Stereotypes: True or False

Every country has a stereotype, including Romania, so today we will tell you all about Romanian stereotypes! So far Europe Language Café has talked about German, Dutch, French, English, Portuguese, Italian […]

Quiz: Which Game Of Thrones character are you?

Are you ready to take our Game of Thrones Personality Quiz? The show may be over, but our love for the characters is undying! #whatisdeadmayneverdie! At least we can still […]

Polish Stereotypes: True Or False

Every country has a stereotype, and Poland is no different! Everyone loves to use them to annoy other people, but no one likes to hear them about themselves. So far […]

Common Stereotypes About Italian People

These common stereotypes about Italian people will probably have been heard by just about anyone in the world. Everyone loves to use them to annoy other people, but no one […]

Portuguese Stereotypes: True or False

In honour of the week of Portugal, Europe Language Café today is uncovering which Portuguese Stereotypes are true and which ones are fake. European countries have stereotypes aplenty, and Portugal […]

French Stereotypes

Stereotypes… Everyone loves to use it to describe others, everyone hates to hear one about themselves. So far In Europe Language Café we have discussed Spanish, Dutch, German and English stereotypes. […]

Quiz: English Stereotypes

People have some very clear ideas about English stereotypes… As part of our stereotype series, we’re putting you to the test about the English. In this quiz we have mentioned […]

German stereotypes

Common Stereotypes about German people

Common German Stereotypes As the typical German stereotypes go, they are described as complainers with no sense of humour. They are always on time, efficient and hard-working. Beer is an […]

What Are The Benefits of Bringing Your Dog To Work For Employees AND For Company’s

What Are The Benefits Of Bringing Your Dog To Work

Thousands of us want to bring our dog to work but many managers are still against it for a variety of reasons, maybe they think it would be distracting or […]

10 stage of finding a job abroad

10 Stages of Finding a Job Abroad.

Finding a job abroad can start off exciting – you’re in your dream destination, far from home, full of hope and ambition. But when you start searching for a job, […]