Develop your Writing Skills with these Creative Writing Workshops

 Develop your Writing Skills with these Creative Writing Workshops

Develop your creative writing skills while you stay at home during this coronavirus outbreak. Europe Language Jobs has partnered with popular writing instructor, Molly Brown, to bring you an exclusive themed CREATIVE WRITING PRACTICE WORKSHOPS.

Brown’s ONLINE CREATIVE WRITING PRACTICE WORKSHOPS are open to native English speakers and non-native English speakers with a working knowledge of English. Choose one or all four of the following workshops and fill in the submission form below:

Building a Strong Personal Narrative (1st June)

There are stories we and others tell about our lives. Wouldn’t you like to challenge the limiting hold of these stories or uncover the unexpected inspiration these stories may offer? In this workshop you’ll learn techniques for rebuilding a personal and empowering narrative.
(Promo Code: ELJ252020)

Power Dynamics in Stories & Their Application to Daily Life (8th June)

In storytelling, as in life, power dynamics contribute the tension that drives a story.
Wouldn’t you like to unpack the techniques of this narrative concept and discover their application to both creative writing and to your daily life, including the workplace?
(Promo Code: ELJ012020)

Point of View Work & Empathy (15th June)

How does a story want to be told? From whose point of view? How can exploring the storytelling concept of point-of-view help us to become more empathetic in our daily interactions? Learn how to expand your perception of others to strengthen the power and effectiveness of your interactions both at work and in your daily life.

Gratitude & Forgiveness (22nd June)

This period of slowing down during our shared global health challenge has afforded us time to reflect and consider how we might invigorate and reimagine our lives. Exploring the notions of gratitude and forgiveness can be revelatory and open new possibilities for approaching our next steps with renewed vigor and imagination.

More information about the workshops:

DAY/TIME: Mondays 11-13:00 (CET)

COST: €55 / per person / per single workshop / payable in advance via PAYPAL. 

Once you’ve RSVP’d – be sure to mention the respective Workshop Promo Code), you’ll be mailed an invoice, payable in advance.

LIMIT: 6 maximum participants per Workshop

REQUIREMENTS: A writing notebook and fast-writing pens (we write by hand), access to a device – laptop or smartphone – to join ZOOM workshop, a quiet distraction- and noise-free space, and an open mind and a desire for engaging creatively with others.

PLATFORM: ZOOM with pass code, emailed after registration

INSTRUCTOR: Molly’s website:

If you are interested subscribe to the workshop here:

Building a Strong Personal Narrative (1st June)Power Dynamics in Stories & Their Application to Daily Life (8th June)Point of View Work & Empathy (15th June)Gratitude & Forgiveness (22nd June)

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