If Game of Thrones characters had CVs – Download the templates for free

 If Game of Thrones characters had CVs – Download the templates for free

Good morning, everyone! Game of Thrones has reached to an end, meaning that we will have to say goodbye to all our favorite characters (or at leat to the few ones that remain alive) that made the serie so special. To close this last season, let’s go back on the paths of the characters, through a different angle… Indeed, what if Game of Thrones characters had CVs? ! In this article, you will discover the professional careers of Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen and Cersei Lannister. If you like our CV templates, you can download and use them for yourself here!


Which character has the most interesting CV? Which one knows how to sell himself best? Will you be able to detect errors on the CVs of your favourite characters? It’s up to you to play the role of HR Manager, and choose the character with the most interesting professional background. After all, perhaps we should use the characters’ CVs as a basis for choosing the worthy lord of the 6 kingdoms.


Jon Snow



Tyrion Lannister



Daenerys Targaryen



Cersei Lannister





Now that you have discovered what would be written if Game of Thrones characters had CVs, and if you have liked the CVs we have designed, you can use these templates downloading them in Word format by clicking here. We have made them easy to edit, so we hope it could be useful for you if you are looking for a job.


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