Quiz: Discover Places That Fit You Best

 Quiz: Discover Places That Fit You Best

Been thinking that you would like to move somewhere else, but do not know where you should go? In this quiz you can discover places that fit you best! So let´s start, shall we?

Do you like HOT weather?

Do you like crowded places?

Do you care about listening to constant sound of construction, syrens etc..?

Do you like party cities or just calm cities?

Do you like a little bit of isolation?

Discover the best city for you
Copenhagen, Denmark

Cold but very nice!
Seville, Spain

Very hot, maybe a bit too hot for a big city, in the summer you might want to stay inside...
Barcelona, Spain

Hot in the summer with a nice breeze but cold in the winter, so something for everyone!
Amsterdam, Netherlands

A city with hundreds of different nationalities and very accepting to your culture and identity.
Helsinki, Finland

Nice and all but brrrr
Glasgow, Scotland

Very nice place with nice people but you will have to endure some freezing weather in the winter.

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