10 European Countries & Their Spirit Animals

 10 European Countries & Their Spirit Animals

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As a continuation of our series of utilizing stereotypes to categorize European countries – that kicked off with the classification of European countries as zodiac signs – here is our latest blog on “10 European Countries & Their Spirit Animals.”

This content is meant to bring joy and a smile to everyone’s faces, and if you have a better match for these countries or one we haven’t mentioned, let us know in the comments below…

Believe it or not, countries have their own spirit animal, and it can be seen in their culture, traditions, personality, language, beliefs, and much more. If you’re confused about spirit animals or are looking to identify your own shaman/guide, you can find out what spirit animals are here.

Therefore, if we had to select 10 European countries and envision their spirit animals, they would be the following:


  1. Italy – Grey Wolf 

  2. Czech Republic – Double-tailed Lion

  3. Germany – Black Eagle

  4. Bulgaria – Lion or Wild Dog

  5. Croatia – Pine Marten 

  6. Finland – Bluebird

  7. Norway – Snow Leopard

  8. Spain – Sloth 

  9. Ireland – Cricket

  10. Greece – Flamingo 


Italy – Grey Wolf

10 European Cities & Their Spirit Animals

Our 1st European country and its spirit animal is Italy represented by the brave grey wolf. Now, why have we chosen the grey wolf out of all the other animals? What makes it such a strong match?

For all those who have relocated to Italy to pursue their dream job, or just to visit this stunning country, you most likely noticed how Italians value their family and live their lives among them and their close friends. In fact, it isn’t easy to make friends in Italy as they are very reserved, but once you do, they will be your closest friends for life. Similarly, wolves are always among their pack and stand by them no matter what.

According to National Geographic, “wolves communicate (between each other) more than howls. They whimper and whine, growl and bark, yelp and snarl.” Does that remind you of anything? Italians are very passionate about everything they do, especially communicating and expressing themselves – although it might just be common stereotypes

In addition, the grey wolf is Italy’s spirit animal because as some of you may have heard, the city of Rome was founded by Romulus and Remus, twin brothers raised by a wolf-mom, as the legend says.  

In conclusion, nothing better than this Italian saying to prove that the grey wolf is Italy’s spirit animal: 

In bocca al lupo = translated it literally means “into the wolf’s mouth,” but it is supposed to mean good luck. In return, the person should say “crepi il lupo,” which means “may the wolf die.” This saying goes back in time when hunters would wish each other good luck in their performance.

After reading this, do you think you know Italy 100%? Then how about taking a quiz to test your knowledge?


Czech Republic – Double-tailed Lion 

10 European Cities & Their Spirit Animals

Our 2nd European country is the Czech Republic and and its spirit animal is the double-tailed lion. That’s right! It’s a mythical animal that appears in this nation’s flags around the country. 

The reason the lion has a double tail is that Czech Republic is situated between Poland and Germany, representing strength and autonomy. Interesting, right? 

If you have already visited this wonderful land for the holidays, or if you relocated to pursue a career, you most likely noticed how proud the Czechs are of their flag, traditions, personality traits, and strong and powerful mothertongue. If you have any other cool facts about this nation, let us know in the comments below.


Germany – Black Eagle 

10 European Cities & Their Spirit Animals

Surprise surprise, the 3rd European country and its spirit animal is Germany, represented by the black eagle. Yes, the black eagle, or Bundesadler, can be seen in the German flag, symbolising wisdom, discipline, spirituality, and freedom. 

Can you see how this is Germany’s perfect spirit animal? Along with its intelligent and independent population, their youth seeks austerity and liberty on a daily basis.

Therefore, this might just be the perfect destination for those searching for remote jobs, or for a unique and prosperous lifestyle, full of self-reflection and both personal and professional improvement.


Bulgaria – Wild Dog

10 European Cities & Their Spirit Animals

Regarding our next European country, Bulgaria, there is a fierce battle between two spirit animals, the lion and the wild dog.  

The lion is seen everywhere in Bulgaria, and it is what their currency is called in old Bulgaria. The lion also appears on the country’s flag. 

In addition, this spirit animal goes back in history, in one of Bulgaria’s most known and beloved national heroes called Vasil Levski – his last name sounds like “lion” in their language.

Moreover, there are two sayings that confirm this great match:

лъвски скок = “lion jump” (this saying is used to describe a feat of their national hero)

лъвско сърце = “lion heart” (this describes a brave and good-hearted person)

Although the lion could be this country’s spirit animal, the wild dog could also find itself a match here. Why? Well, Bulgaria is full of stray dogs, which represent the country’s situation, but also their resilience, cleverness, and will to survive anything and everything.

What are your thoughts about Bulgaria? Would you relocate for a new job opportunity or another incredible life adventure?


Croatia – Pine Marten 

10 European Cities & Their Spirit Animals

The spirit animal we have chosen to associate with Croatia is the pine marten.

Although beautiful Croatia is part of the European Union, their currency isn’t the euro, it actually is the Kuna (kn).

Why am I telling you this? Because “Kuna” in Croatian means marten. Therefore, this little but fierce and big-hearted being was chosen as this nation’s spirit animal. 

The story behind the kuna is rather sad since it’s related to the monetary value of a marten’s pelt during the medieval fur trading era.

Nonetheless, pine martens are extremely clever and agile creatures, with nocturnal behaviour. If you’ve been to Croatia, you will notice similarities in their personality traits and their passion for nightlife.


Finland – Bluebird 

10 European Cities & Their Spirit Animals

The main symbolism brought by a cute little bluebird like this one is happiness! If you’re lucky enough to spot one in the woods, or catch a couple flitting by, it is a sign to count your blessings.

This is why the bluebird can be no other than the spirit animal for Finland: the world’s happiest country for the 3rd year in a row! “Why are the Finns so cheerful?”, you may ask… Well, for a start, they have put an end to homelessness, have access to fantastic healthcare and education systems, and trust firmly in their police force. 

The Finnish base their lifestyle on what might be considered the untranslatable word sisu, meaning something close to stoic determination and brave resilience. Just like the bluebird, when a Finn’s nest is blown from the branch, slowly but surely, he/she builds it back up again – only this time, stronger.


Norway – Snow Leopard

10 European Cities & Their Spirit Animals

Snow leopards are solitary creatures with great trust in themselves, so it makes sense for Norway to embody this spirit animal. Like other Nordic peoples, Norwegians know the value of spending time alone and taking comfort in one’s solitude.

It is not that they are unkind at all, but entering into a Norwegian’s life in a significant way and creating emotional bonds requires a lot of time and effort. It is for this reason that Norway has been rated one of the most difficult countries in which to make friends

Snow leopards are also well adapted to the harshest of climates and prowl about fearlessly in the freezing cold… just like Norwegians! They live by the concept of friluftsliv: an embrace of outdoor living and spending time in the fresh air whenever possible. 

Do you have any Norwegian friends? Was it tricky to win them over? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!


Spain – Sloth 

10 European Cities & Their Spirit Animals

We had to pick Spain to represent the sloth spirit animal – what else would you expect?! Spaniards regularly take up to 3 hour siestas in the afternoon and so could be none other than this sleepy spirit guide.

Sloths symbolise a relaxed, easy-going lifestyle which perfectly suits a Spaniard’s typical way of life spent soaking up the Mediterranean sun on one Spain’s many beaches whenever possible. They will never reject a chance to party, hence the numerous traditional festivals that punctuate the Spanish calendar. 

In Spanish, a sloth is literally called a “lazy” (un perezoso) but this is not a negative trait for the spirit animal. Sloth totems encourage the conservation of energy so that tasks can be completed to a high standard once they are begun – this is fitting as Spaniards take great pride in their work.


Ireland – Cricket

10 European Cities & Their Spirit Animals

The cricket is a guide that brings exceptional luck! So we have paired the totem with Ireland, the place with supposedly the most four-leaf clovers in the world… it doesn’t get much luckier than that! 

Crickets are always hopping about without a care in the world, which is reminiscent of the cheery Irish people who normally have a spring in their step – whatever the (usually miserable) weather. 

Those with the cricket as their spirit animal are excellent communicators, and, if you know the Irish, if there’s one thing they like to do it’s having a good old chat. Such a friendly people… top o’ the morning to ya!

Ever considered working in Ireland alongside these lovely folks?


Greece – Flamingo 

10 European Cities & Their Spirit Animals

The flamingo spirit guide reminds you to get back in touch with your emotions, and if there are any people who will open up and tell you exactly how they are feeling, it’s the Greeks. 

According to common stereotypes, Greek people are loud, extroverted, and gossipy. They constantly desire to be surrounded by family members or friends, just like this sociable spirit animal who thrives among company. What’s more, both this totem and the Greeks choose to follow their hearts when it comes to finding a solution to their problems. 

If you would like to admire a flamboyance of flamingos in all their glory, there is no better spot than the Greek island of Lemnos with its beautiful flamingo lakes!   


So there are our 10 picks for European countries’ spirit animals. Although there are many different types of people in each country and one should never generalise, we think we’ve captured the essence of most nations pretty accurately. 😉

Where are you from and which spirit guide do you associate with?

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