If European Countries Were Zodiac Signs

 If European Countries Were Zodiac Signs

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If you’re an astrology geek, listen up!

What if European countries were zodiac signs..? Who would be who?!

We as humans love to categorize things, so wouldn’t it be satisfying if we took some stereotypes about European countries and matched them up with the 12 zodiac signs?

Want to find out the perceived personality traits of your nation?

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If European Countries Were Zodiac Signs

Aquarius – France

(January 20 – February 18)

Aquarius babies, you’re an Air sign known for being humanists, intellectuals, and deep thinkers. That is why France is the European country that best suits your characteristics and personality. If France was a zodiac sign, it would definitely be Aquarius. 

Of course, some will have different opinions about the topic. However, if we think in terms of progressiveness, transformation, desire for freedom and equality, one could understand why this is the perfect match. France is a country that values education, freedom of speech, and a well-organized set of principles.

Aquarius and French people are visionaries who fight for what they believe in, especially for humanitarian reasons. For instance, one could realize this by noticing how the French come together in strikes to fight for their national motto: “liberty, equality, fraternity.”

Do you see the similarities now?

Another strong characteristic found in the Aquarius sign is that they know how to dress up and are not afraid to show it. As you may know, France is recognized worldwide for its fashion style, just like Italy.

Did you enjoy these French stereotypes?



If European Countries Were Zodiac Signs

Pisces – Portugal

(February 19 – March 20)

Where are our Pisces people at? Oh, just found them in Portugal. That’s right, if Portugal was a zodiac sign it would be Pisces. Why? Keep reading.

This is a very special sign characterized by intense emotions and artistic talent. They are life lovers and completely selfless beings.

Now, how can Portugal be connected to this sign? The excess of passion and sentimentalism added to some melancholy, defines the temper of Portuguese people.

Being a Water sign, the country’s traditional music carries suffering and sacrifice coming from losses and broken hearts, typical of Pisces. In addition, Neptune, the god of water, rules this zodiac sign, explaining how the Portuguese are passionate about ocean trips and the sea.

Although most of these traits are stereotypes, the Portuguese are very passive, carrying, romantic, connected to art, and music.



If European Countries Were Zodiac Signs

Aries – Germany

(March 21 – April 19)

Aries, what a FIRE sign! There is no better country than Germany to represent it. Ruled by Mars, Aries is energetic, dynamic, competitive, and at times impulsive, just like its respective country. 

Germany is an economically and culturally strong country, and because it’s ruled by Mars, the god of war, Germans are known for their dominance and aggressiveness at times of impatience.

Nonetheless, they are a very strategic nation and are predominantly objective, realistic, and determined; that’s why they are known to be the European leaders among other countries. 

Therefore, if Germany was a zodiac sign, it would certainly be Aries.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 



If European Countries Were Zodiac Signs

Taurus – Greece

(April 20 – May 20)

Dear Taureans, the world’s most persistent, stubborn, patient, and lovable sign of the zodiac, characterized by its traditionalism, love for food, beauty, and for its connection to nature. This sign is deeply ruled by Venus, god of love and beauty; therefore, deeply connected to Greece.  

Greece is marked by its natural beauty, grandiose mountains, rare aesthetics, all seen in the earth element, strongly represented in this sign. Taureans’ calmness is definitely seen in the Greek population.  

Of course, there are other countries that could fit in partially with this sign, such as Switzerland for its organization, beauty, calmness, and balance. However, Greece is the country that best represents Venus, through its indescribable beauty in every inch of its sceneries. 

Do you feel like you know it all about this nation? Make sure to read Greek stereotypes for funny misconceptions.



If European Countries Were Zodiac Signs

Gemini – Switzerland

(May 21 – June 20)

Could you have guessed this one? If Switzerland was a zodiac sign, it would most likely be Gemini. Why? Well… for many reasons.

Geminis are Air signs, predominantly curious, adaptable, flexible, and intelligent. Switzerland corresponds to those traits as well as having the ability to learn quickly and, as Geminis, to represent ambiguous personalities, which can be seen in Switzerland’s subdivision: German, French, Italian, and Romansh. This explains why Swiss people have this feeling of anxiety and feel they don’t have as much time to experience everything this world has to offer. 

The Swiss tend to be conversational and sociable, but can quickly become quiet and serious. Likewise, Gemini can switch up from one mood to another very quickly, and where some would see this is a flaw, it can actually be very positive when it comes to Switzerland, where you can find citizens that speak all these different languages. They are, therefore, never tedious. 

Overall, Geminis and the Swiss are meant to overpass differences and make everyone feel welcomed and comfortable in their own skin. What a wonderful sign huh?

Make sure to read some Swiss stereotypes for interesting perceptions.



If European Countries Were Zodiac Signs

Cancer – Netherlands 

(June 21 – July 22)

Beautiful and receptive Netherlands, a country always ready to embrace new cultures, relationships, and experiences. If this nation was a zodiac sign, it would be Cancer. 

Because it is ruled by the moon, having strong emotions is just an understatement. Cancer babies are emotional, imaginative, persuasive, and are moved by their big hearts. These are obviously stereotypes, but maybe some can relate to them.

The match between this country and this sign is found in their multicultural, receptive traits. As you may already know, the Netherlands is known to be the most welcoming European country when it comes to expats transferred to work or study. Heart-eyes to this match!



If European Countries Were Zodiac Signs

Leo – Spain 

(July 23 – August 22)

Ah Leo… the sign with the biggest heart of them all! Although it is tempting to associate Spain with Taurus due to its obsession with bulls, Spain is well and truly a passionate Leo.

Ruled by the Sun, Leo is without a doubt a Fire sign, and what could be more fiery than a duende-filled session of Flamenco dancing? Leos love bright colors and standing out, so the blazing red and yellow Spanish flag is no less than appropriate!

Leos are self-assured individuals, and, if you have ever been approached in the street by a smooth-talking Spanish señor, you will be well aware of this. Leos are approachable, easy-going, and always up for a good time – exactly like the Spanish!

Spain is known throughout Europe for its readiness to throw a party for the flimsiest of reasons, so it could really be no other than the most social of the zodiac signs. Just be careful not to step on Leo’s toes: they have to be the center of attention.



If European Countries Were Zodiac Signs

Virgo – Austria

(August 23 – September 22)

Virgos can be described as serious, sensible, and organized. So what country does that remind you of..?

Austria, of course, where public transport runs on time, people are punctual for their meetings, and everything runs like clockwork.

Virgos are utter perfectionists, so it makes sense to choose Austria to represent this Earth sign – have you seen Vienna’s elaborate architecture?! 

They are also patient, dedicated individuals – with a tendency to be very fussy – which can be observed in the way that Austrians agonize over creating the world’s tastiest Apfelstrudel.

In fact, a Virgo could obsess over anything if you gave them enough time! They are logical, methodical, and over-analytical – a certain Sigmund Freud, the Austrian father of psychoanalysis, springs to mind…

Finally, Virgos can be very proud, hence why you should never make the mistake of confusing an Austrian with a German!



If European Countries Were Zodiac Signs

Libra – Norway 

(September 23 – October 22)

Libras adore the outdoors, and so this sign is the perfect match for Norwegians and their love of spending time outside in the country’s stunning Scandivanian landscapes.

However, along with the natural beauty of their geographic location, there does come a downside: limited hours of daylight during the winter months. The long days of cold and darkness can get a little bit depressing for Norwegians at times, so Libra, prone to moments of sulkiness and self-pity, reflects this characteristic well.

On the bright side, Libras dislike violence and are extremely fair-minded, just like Norway: one of the safest and most progressive countries in the world!

Libras are sweet and well-spoken, another reason for which Norway fits the bill! Norwegians are always polite to both acquaintances and strangers: hospitable to friends and patient with tourists.  



If European Countries Were Zodiac Signs

Scorpio – Bulgaria

(October 23 – November 22)

Scorpios are Water signs, but they are anything but fluid!

Ruled by the planet Mars, Scorpios are stubborn and very intense people, so we have chosen to associate them with Bulgarians.

Why? Because everything in Bulgaria is intense! If you are going to drink in Bulgaria, you drink hard; if you are going to give your opinion in Bulgaria, you will give it directly, without fear of provoking a fight!

No half-heartedness here, nor taking them for a fool. Scorpios and Bulgarians are cunning creatures, and if anyone is going to be outwitted, it will be their opponent!

Scorpios are also jealous, possessive people, and this matches up perfectly with the Bulgarian stereotypes about macho boyfriends. All it takes is another man to lay an eye on his girl and let’s just say that the fuse has been lit… 

Then we have Bulgaria’s aspect of mystery that links to Scorpios’ secrecy. As one of the lesser-visited European destinations, people often wonder “what actually goes on there? Does anyone ever relocate to Bulgaria? How do they survive such a bitter cold?!”  



If European Countries Were Zodiac Signs

Sagittarius – Italy 

(November 23 – December 21)

Sagittarius is an enthusiastic extrovert, so Italy is its perfect match. Don’t believe us? Just ask any local about traditional Italian food and watch the crazy gestures and 8-hour impromptu lecture begin!

As the third Fire sign, Sagittarians are emotionally intelligent and compassionate, so who better to represent this than Italians and their strong family values? Italians are always showing their affection for one another – you can hardly stroll across a piazza without catching sight of at least 5 couples aggressively making out! 

Watch out, though, because Sagittarius can be an egotistical sign… as can Italians, known for obsessing over their looks and designer clothes.

What’s more, ruled by Jupiter, the centaur sign tends to be impatient and tactless. To see how this is reflected in Italian culture you need not look further than the highways. Italians are notorious for their incessant horn-beeping, violent swearing out the window, and general road rage… eek!



If European Countries Were Zodiac Signs

Capricorn – UK 

(Dec 22 – Jan 19)

Now, our choice for Capricorn might be somewhat controversial, considering that the UK is no longer in the European Union, but this is exactly the point!

Capricorns are defined by their strong sense of independence and self-reliance, so who could be more fitting to represent this sign than Britain and the infamous Brexit?

Capricorns often have a sly sense of humor, so this matches right up with the dry, sarky comments Brits typically make when joking around. Ask a silly question to a Cap and you will most certainly be met with an ironic reply.

Capricorns also can be pretty closed-off individuals, never voicing their problems; this perfectly describes British politeness and their concept of the “stiff upper lip”. Even if the food you have prepared for them is downright disgusting, or your singing is truly horrendous, you won’t hear them complaining. The last thing a Brit would want to do is kick up a fuss.

This Earth sign, represented by the goat, is also known for being hardworking and responsible, which seems to correspond well with UK work life. Business men and women are conscientious, and oh how they love a good meeting. They’d have a preparatory meeting just to plan the main meeting if you let them!  


Well, folks and friends, what are your thoughts about these countries and their respective zodiac signs? Do you also believe they were destined to be a match? Who would you put with who and why? Give us your own astrological analysis in the comment section below.


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